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Sincerest Apologies and Bright Promises
Walton I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 28, 2013 11:18 pm by SoraAngel

Dear Residents of this vast underworld,

How is everyone? May Hades smile down upon you all. He is most certainly not smiling down at me at this moment. But …

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Common Euridite
Common Euridite

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Walton Empty
PostSubject: Walton   Walton I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 02, 2014 8:43 pm

Walton Newcreate.php?text=Walton&name=waltographUI
Walton Newcreate.php?text=A%20Disney%20Sandbox&name=waltographUI

A universe of characters, worlds, and stories come to mind when the word 'Disney' is said. And in some realm, perhaps one purely of imagination, all of these things are not simply stories but the simple truth of their reality. These stories are told time and time again, restarting themselves in such a way so that the end is never truly the end, and Once Upon a Time is quite far from being the very beginning. And then a twist plays with the fabric of this realm, and where the stories might otherwise have continued to be reset and retold, they are all jumbled together into one world. Into one town, specifically, known to its residents as Walton. 

All of these characters, plucked out of their stories and raised in this new reality, never knowing what once had been the truth for centuries, only living in this current tale- one which deviates from those told before. In this tale, Jafar may very well fall for Aladdin, Rapunzel may despise Flynn, and Yzma might find herself scheming with Captain Hook. While the past is destined to repeat itself in some ways, and the beginning of their life often seemed to have paralleled the past- Aladdin still an orphaned street urchin, Belle the daughter of the town's slightly loony inventor, and Kuzco still in a position of power- this exposure to people whom before had never touched them in any way can change the age old stories. Perhaps that is what the fates had in mind, tearing apart the old stories and twisting them together. Or perhaps they had simply become watching the same tired tales over and over again. Regardless of their motivation, what's done is done.

Welcome, to Walton.

Walton Text-Divider

Walton Newcreate.php?text=Town%20Details&name=waltographUI

The Town's Government is, in fact, led by the classic Disney characters- Mickey Mouse being the Mayor, Goofy the Sheriff, and so on and so forth. Those characters in movies who were wealthy or royalty are of high society here, as well, but primarily due to monetary wealth- companies and the like. They may very well run international corporations, though all still live in Walton. Many of them have great sway over town politics due to their wealth, of course. Such people would be the Sultan, Queen Ravenna, The Beast, etc. It is a relatively small town, in an 'everyone knows everyone' sort of sense, and therefore gossip tends to spread fast. Some members of the community retain some shadow of their old power, but none to the great extent that they once had. Maleficent might still cast spells, for example, but not to the extent of sending the entire town  into a century-long coma. The town has one of each school level, and they are all on the same lot of land, a sort of escalator campus. Walton elementary, Walton Middle, and Walton High.

This Rp will take place in the summer, so any university students would be home and all students are on break in general. It's a sandbox, so there is no set plot- character interactions are the fun part. However, if anyone has an idea for a plot they might like to initiate, you can probably go for it- just avoid godmodding and the like. We all know how it works. 

Walton Newcreate.php?text=Characters&name=waltographUI

Walton Tumblr_static_tumblr_m64moisw041rq82fy

Nani Pelekai || Nani Pelekai || 19 || FC: Jasmine Villegas || OurStar

Walton Tumblr_mign033bBP1qklju2o2_500

Kuzco Flores || Kuzco || 21 ||FC: Zayn Malik || OurStar

Walton Tumblr_mes3wa9LK51r99f4t

Peter Pan || Peter Pan || 18 || FC: Eddie Redmayne || Ourstar

Walton PhoebeTonkin_Meg_zps07c811db

Meg Yannatou || Megara || 20 || FC: Phoebe Tonkin || Dangosan

Walton Mulan7_zpsbc1294b9

Hua Mulan || Mulan || 18 || FC: Jamie Chung || Dangosan

Walton Hans2_zps1e612129

 Hans Westergaard || Prince Hans || 23 || FC: Douglas Booth || Dangosan

Walton Tumblr_msuo4a4yh31sfoyv4o1_500

Jasmine Qureshi || Jasmine || 20 ||  FC: Sonam Kapoor || SoraAngel

Walton Tumblr_lz3t9wiylm1qix4ib

Aladdin Hajjar || Aladdin || 19 || FC: Avan Jogia || SoraAngel

Walton Tumblr_mr1occl9Lb1r4vol9o1_500

William Charming ||  Prince Charming || 21 || FC: Dalton Rapattoni || SoraAngel

Walton Tumblr_m4uzubCOEv1rqrk6x

Maleficent Wyvern || Maleficent || 21 ||FC: Olivia Wilde || KunoichiQueen

Walton Tumblr_m4cpdmpqK11rur2fwo2_500

Ravenna Johnson || Queen Ravenna || 23 || FC: Charlize Theron || KunoichiQueen

Walton Tumblr_mqho3e2O4f1rzz7x5o1_500
Zane Snape || Tarzan || 21 || FC: Samuel Larson || Kunoichiqueen

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Common Euridite
Common Euridite

Posts : 83
Join date : 2013-01-27
Age : 21
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Walton Empty
PostSubject: Re: Walton   Walton I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 15, 2014 1:02 pm

It is June 21st. Those memebers of the Walton community who are in high school have recently graduated. College students have returned for the summer, or perhaps are taking summer courses at the local college. For many, it's a time of vacationing and fun. For others, it is just another few months of the year in which work continues and life goes on. The sun is shining, though an occasional passing cloud provides temporary relief from its glare. It is around high noon. 

Okay cool, Now just start.
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