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Sincerest Apologies and Bright Promises
Mon Oct 28, 2013 11:18 pm by SoraAngel

Dear Residents of this vast underworld,

How is everyone? May Hades smile down upon you all. He is most certainly not smiling down at me at this moment. But …

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 S I G I L [Open for Sign-Ups]

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PostSubject: S I G I L [Open for Sign-Ups]   Sun Jul 21, 2013 10:03 pm


In the beginning, there were four.

They had no origin, nor did they have a purpose. The four were very different from each other, yet they used their differences to stay in a perfect state of equilibrium. Time flowed endlessly as the four moved through the vast space of No Creation. They were calm, and satisfied for some time. Yet they had no purpose, and they were the only beings to inhabit their realm. This bothered the four. An idea sprouted in their advanced minds, an idea to create. So they did.

"As one, the gods created the heavens and the earth, the land and the seas, the stars and moons above. The land was made beautiful with trees and plants. Such is the power of the Four Gods of the Universe." [verse one of a holy book]

While the Earth was beautiful and flourishing, it still lacked conscious life. So the four gods created beasts from the depths of their imaginations. They placed these beasts in the air, mountains, oceans, and forests. After creating a great number of animals to fill the land, the gods rested for a short period, carefully watching over their creations. Eventually, the gods began to ponder Earth. They wished to make beings that could think like them and were intelligent, self-preserving beings. Beings who would take care of the land in their stead (for the gods were growing tired from their work). So the gods created four races for each element on Earth. Four races to take care of the elements and to stay in unity while the gods rested.

"From Air the Four Gods created the Fae. From Water they created the Nautics, from fire the Dragons. From land came the mighty humans. Such is the power of the Four Gods of the Universe." [verse twenty-six of a human holy book]

The Four Gods then guided the species to build temples in their names in each corner of the earth: a temple of Fire in a volcano; a temple of Air high in mountains; a temple of water within the sea; and a temple of Earth deep in a cave. These temples bore the sacred sigil, or marking, of each element and god. Every year, a designated "Sigil Bearer" would place a sacred orb on an altar for one day. This was how the Earthlings would show their appreciation for the gods. Finally, the gods were satisfied. They trusted the Earth to be taken care while they rested.

For 1,000 years, the gods slept.


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PostSubject: Re: S I G I L [Open for Sign-Ups]   Mon Jul 22, 2013 12:54 am


For a while, all was right in the land. The races dwelled as one, and there was no cause for discord among them. The Sigil bearers fulfilled their jobs every year, and the gods blessings continued to strengthen the people. Then, one awful year, the Sigil bearers died off as one. Who would replace them? The first Sigil bearers had been anointed by the gods. Jealously and anger prevented the races from choosing. Everyone wanted someone from their race to do the job. Eventually, the people became racially dependent. The people of water, Aquatics, went back to the sea. The humans took over the land. While the Feyfolk were created for air, the dragons also had the ability to fly. For years, they lived in tense living conditions with another, each race demanding that the skies was their rightful place. Eventually, the Sky War was fought. After fifteen years, the Fae lost. Badly. The dragons scattered the remnants of them across the forests, then flew off to forge their own kingdom in the skies.

Even through all this, no one remembered the importance of the Sigil Bearers. After a few more petty wars grown out of racial hatred, the gods were all but forgotten. The temples lay ruined and abandoned. No one knew where the sacred orbs where. Those old enough to know chose not to tell; it was not important to them. Bandits and thieves looted the temples of its valuables. And so the kingdoms chose to stay haughtily set in their ways, and the hate between the races grew. This was the world the gods were awakened to 1,000 years later. They were greatly displeased.

So they took action.


In order to fix what they had down, the gods decided that the people of earth must once again show honor to the gods through Sigil Bearers. Before the split of the kingdom, the Four Gods had personally anointed a Sigil Bearer to represent his element. They did this once more by picking a person from each race. However, they didn't just pick them. On these individuals' eighteenth birthdays, a sigil of their element would be burned on their backs. That was a clear enough sign of their new rank. The gods then gave them clear instructions on what do next through prophets: They had to go to each temple and perform the sacred orb ritual, thus restoring each element and race to its natural course. Before, the way to the temple was clear. Now the path was overgrown and filled with monsters and dangerous creatures. Because of this, they have to travel with the other Sigil Bearers, no matter the prejudices they had. The Four Gods had a secret, ulterior for this: if they were forced to be with each other, then they would grow to overcome their differences. If they could do this, then the fate of their world did not look as bleak as the Gods had originally thought.

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PostSubject: Re: S I G I L [Open for Sign-Ups]   Mon Jul 22, 2013 1:39 am


Fae were created to take care of the air. With wings protruding from all over their body, they were physically made for flight. Some Fae conceal their wings when walking about, but you could still recognize a Fae from far away. They are endowed with great beauty and almost translucent, pale skin. In a way, their bodies are so fragile that they seem to be made of glass. It's a weak body, but it allows them to fly with expertise. It's their greatest attribute, yet their greatest curse. The Feyfolk's frail bodies nearly led to their extermination after they were banished into the forest by the dragons. Eventually, they learned to cope, but their hatred for dragons has always remained.

Personality-wise, Feyfolk are extremely vain and petty creatures. The women especially feed on attention and seem to wilt when ignored. Both genders tend to be flirtatious and chatty, and easily jealous of the same sex.

Fun Fact:

The Fae do not have surnames, and they always have two names: a true name and a false name. Only they know the real reason for that.

Dragons were created to sustain the world with their fire breath. Since they were also created with wings to fly, they believed it was their right to also control air. This arrogance is common in the race. Dragons easily get puffed up with pride at the littlest of things, especially when it comes to power. Easily being the largest flying creatures on Earth, dragons take pride in the fact that no one could possibly try to take their Sky Kingdom from their claws. Many of them believe that they are the supreme beings; they believe this mostly because of their ability to take on a human form. Yes, they can morph their bodies into small, humanoid forms each day. You can recognize a dragon in human form by its reptilian eyes, something they cannot hide.

Personality-wise, dragons are egotistical, very arrogant, and passionate creatures. Like fire, they are quick to explode with excitement or anger. They are also quick to shift moods, as quickly as one blinks an eye.

Fun fact:

Dragons often choose their mate when they are sixty years old, as that is the believed time for when a dragon is mature enough to have children.

Aquatics were created to take care of the Seven Seas. Aquatics either have a pale green or pale blue skin tone, for their skin mirrors the color of the water they're in. Their hair also matches the water. Many times you wouldn't know an Aquatic was there unless you saw their vibrant eyes or a glimpse of their scaled tails. They enjoy playing games and pranks on unsuspecting humans. Some, however, would take it too far. With their beautiful singing voices, Aquatics would lure humans into the ocean only to drown them. In retaliation, humans began to hook any Aquatics that got too close. Of course, this only deepened the rift between sea-dwellers and land-walkers. It doesn't help that Aquatics are known for holding grudges.  This eventually stopped them from coming on land, as the Aquatics very frequently grew legs and lungs in order to visit their human friends on Earth.

Personality-wise, the Aquatics are as prideful and arrogant as the dragons. They think that they're the supreme beings on Earth, and never hesitate to boast about it. When it comes to emotions, Aquatics find it hard to even muster up any. They are cool and collected at all times, and rarely lose their calm.

Fun fact:

Aquatics have no ruler; they have a council meeting once a month, where the representatives of each family voices an issue, and the people decide how to fix it.

 Humans were created to preserve and nourish the land. They are endowed with extreme strength, which becomes useful in toiling away at rock or stone. Because of this, they are the expert craftsman of the races. Like the colors of the land, humans' appearances vary. Their skin color gradients from a very light brown to dark brown. Some have the unfortunate trait of pinkish skin, earning them the nickname "Pig People". Nevertheless, the humans seem to work well as nation despite the vast differences in appearance. They try not to be as vain as the Fae or as arrogant as the obnoxious Aquatics. After they fought a war with the Aquatics, they forbid them from coming on land, even to see their loved ones. The humans always believed that division in thoughts would make them weak. For centuries, it has been their goal to move in one accord as one united nation and as one people.

Personality-wise, they are trustworthy and loyal people. They will fight to the death for something they believe in, as shown in the war with the Aquatics. They are the best people to have as friends or allies for your cause.

Fun fact:

Humans have a completely matriarchal monarchy. They, including the males, believe that women make the best decisions when it comes to taking care of the land. Men are in charge of war and drawing out strategies.

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PostSubject: Re: S I G I L [Open for Sign-Ups]   Tue Jul 23, 2013 1:44 am


Follow all forum rules, including this forum.

That's pretty much it ._.

As far as roles go, there is only one spot open for each race. It doesn't matter which gender you pick, so long as this roleplay is kept gender equal (two girls, two boys.) If you're not sure, you can post for both genders, and I could pick the needed one.


The Fae (F) - Nightingale
The Dragon (M) - Dangosan
The Aquatic (F) - OurStars
The Human (M) - SoraAngel



Age: (18)

Personality: (detailed)
Biography: (I don't need your entire family history please)
Strengths/Weaknesses: (three or more each)

Other: (optional. unique traits, quirks...issues?)

*On a side note, please stick to your race attributes. If you turn in an Aquatic skeleton, saying that your person is "fun, humble, and kind", I will punch you in the face. They don't have to be the exact same description I gave you, but please don't make them (for example) a human with a Fae's personality.


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PostSubject: Re: S I G I L [Open for Sign-Ups]   Tue Jul 23, 2013 4:46 pm

False Name:

True Name:




[Vain & Insecure]
[Simple & Airheaded]
[Sensitive & Dramatic]
[Self-less & Honest]

Lessons on manners vary from house to house. Most Fae grow up with a selfish attitude and are not inclined to share anything. Maia's three brothers were like this, and they often bullied Maia into giving them her food. However, what they didn't realize was that Maia always gave them things out of her own free will. Maia had never been able to cultivate the greedy nature of others; she found herself giving things when she didn't have to, or sacrificing her own comfort for other people. She cares too much about the welfare of others to be selfish. Her mother often said that that was because she was too stupid to hate. However, her nanny told her it was because she had something others lacked: a heart. Maia, of course, hadn't understood what she meant, but she was beginning to now. She doesn't think through her actions when being self-less; it's something that she does without question or thought, almost like a reflex. Since her mother, who is jealous of her beauty, constantly calls her selfish, Maia has grown this trait unconsciously as a somewhat silent retaliation. It's also a survival trait. You make allies when you give of yourself freely. Selfishness laid down soil for enemies to grow. [editing]


[A Day to Remember- Part One]


[A Day to Forget- Part Two]


[A Day to Move On- Part Three]




Wings determine a Fae's flight speed. It depends on a wing's shape, texture, weight. Maia was gifted with glass-like wings, a rare set of wings barely seen among Fae. They are the fastest wings a Fae could possess. Because of their lightness, Maia can glide and catch the wind more easily than others. Be it rain, hail, sleet, or snow, bad weather can't put Maia out of the skies. She's flown through bad winds as well. However, the only downside to glass-wings is that they are injured easily. Usually after flying through a rough storm, Maia's wings are torn and bloody. Nevertheless, they heal quickly, and she is soon back flying through the sky.

[Healing Factor]

Although Maia's body is harmed easily, it also heals just as easily. Bruises fade away within minutes. Broken bones mend their cracks within an hour. This helped to make the feyfolk a formidable foe against the dragons in the Sky War. usually, there's no point to fighting someone unless you can leave lasting damage; a big black eye for everyone to see for the next week would do. However, Fae men use this logic as an incentive for fighting. What's the harm if you can't permanently damage someone? Girls also like to fight a lot. Maia often had to fight when girls began to bully her too severely.


For someone so dim-witted, she has a very sharp memory. She can still remember small conversations she had with her mother when she was only three. Once something is seen or heard, it cannot be forgotten. Sometimes it's a curse; other times, it proves to be a blessing. It definitely gives her life a purpose when needed, and comes in handy when people are bullying her. She uses it to show people that she's not entirely useless, that she is needed for more than her beauty and flute-playing.


[Lack of Intelligence]

Maia was born with extreme beauty, beautiful even to other Feyfolk. However, what she had in beauty she lacked severely in brains. She's the person who would see an arrow pointing ^ for North, and would literally fly up. She's allergic to learning, and learning is allergic to her. Tutors gave up on her because she failed to grasp even the simplest concepts.  Needless to say, there's not really much action going on behind her pretty face. Maia can't even remember the last time she attempted to read a book. It takes her a long time to grasp the meaning of things.

[Attention is Key]

Feyfolk are only interested with things that are interesting or amusing to them. They like to be entertained at all times. As a child, Maia was entertaining. Since her parents always paid attention to her, it's devastating when Maia is completely ignored. She's not used to being oblivious to people; her job is to be noticed. Ever the dramatic and sensitive one, she takes things harder than other normally would. A brief moment of people ignoring her makes her feel isolated, and she quickly becomes depressed. Attention to her is as the sun is to a flower; she'll wilt without it. Literally.

[The Cold]

Although a Fae's body was made for flight, it was not made for the cold. This is why Feyfolk fly only where it's warm, and avoid the mountains like a plague. Since Maia's body is fragile and glass-like, it freezes easily. Staying too long in the cold gives her severe frostbite, which, if not remedied by warmth, could quickly kill her. Either that, or she becomes completely frozen. This is something that her healing factor can not heal from. Sometimes a Fae can fly fast enough so that the cold can't cling to them. Maia hasn't figured out how to do that yet. For now, she simply avoids places that are too cold and damage her health.


[The Mystery of Names]

Names are used to identify one another. Usually people have one first name, and then a surname to represent their clan or achievements. For Fae, they have two names. One name is given to them when they are born, a name that is used for identification. True names are names that describe their very being, and are made known to them through time. More importantly, true names have power. They have the power to control a Fae or summon them when used by another. For this reason, Feyfolk never tell another person their true name. They only do so when they absolutely trust another individual, or love them. Maia found out her true name while she was sick. Her true name, Galataea, means "a flower sprouts from thorns." She hasn't told anyone her true name. She may be dumb, but she still has enough common sense to keep that a secret.


Being a wanderer, Maia has no way to fall in love or have a permanent boyfriend. However, she hates being alone at night. To ease her constant pain of loneliness, Maia often spends the night with a man every night. It doesn't make her feel alone when she's wrapped in someone's arms. Her mother used to play this role, but since she is deceased, this is Maia's solution. Maia doesn't really have feelings for any of her "lovers"; she treats them like a business contract. They get her body, she gets companionship. She tries hard to not get attached to one of them. To prevent this, she makes it clear what type of relationships she wants. For the night, she is praised, and not called stupid. "Say I'm clever," would always be her whisper in her lover's ear. It was attention she wanted. Attention was the only thing she craved, the the only thing lacking in her life. Through this, she makes an effort to fill the void in her heart and soul.

[Musically Talented]

Since her studies seemed to make no impact on her non-intelligent brain, her parents finally gave up. If she couldn't be smart, then she could at least be artistic. It took years of trying out different things, but Maia eventually found something she was suited for: instruments. The ones she's taken an extreme liking to are the harp and the flute. While she doesn't quite understand music theory, she understands enough to play a diverse number of songs. Maia's got good ears, so she can notice when a note is out of tune quite easily. She takes pride in the fact that she can naturally tell tones, much to the frustration of countless tutors trying to teach her lessons. Nevertheless, she became good at playing her instruments through hard work and diligence. Perhaps the fact that she uses music as an outlet for feelings helped her desire to improve.

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PostSubject: Re: S I G I L [Open for Sign-Ups]   Tue Jul 23, 2013 5:01 pm

| NAME |
Ignis of the Phyroth Clan
| AGE |
18 (Eighteen)
| RACE |

( Peaceful / Defensive / Passionate )
Be it spoken or roared or sung, slipped out of a Leader's lips in clever rhetorics or tumbled clumsily from the rough, childish cadences of the young and brash, insults are nothing new to neither Fae nor Dragon nor Aquatic nor Human, each having their own set of flaws to be ruthlessly picked at.
 Dragons and Aquatics, being the two most arrogant and prideful of the four, are usually the first ones instigate such mockery. Therefore, it is to the incredulous and eye-raising surprise of many that Ignis, the eldest son of the Phyroth Clan - the most powerful line of Dragons to date - is oddly civil and fairly open in judgement and thought to the others. Ignis doesn't believe in stereotypes or judging a book by its cover, and takes on a polite neutrality towards those of the opposing species. Of course, having been raised in an environment that encourages hatred towards them, Ignis isn't all smiles and happiness either, regarding Feyfolk, Aquatics, and Humans (especially Humans, as he's had rather unpleasant run-ins with the said builders) with weary caution. This type of attitude tends to make Ignis come off as rather weak in will or seemingly possess a lack of protectiveness towards his kind, which couldn't be more wrong. Ignis will never be the one to try to initiate a fight, with only one exception: the minute you decide to let loose a casually thrown but snarky remark towards him, small or big, is the moment he drops the peaceful act, and all hell breaks loose.
Even though the young Dragon has never received too much affection or approval from both his family and his kind in general, and while he doesn't necessarily agree with all of the views and traditions of the Sky-Walker, Ignis still remains very protective of his race, for he has seen the Sky Kingdom at both its best and its worst, and feels as if he loves not just the shining nation of perfection in the clouds, but the real, flawed aspects of his home as well, which makes his patriotism even stronger. After all, Ignis has lived in the Sky Kingdom for nearly eighteen years - all his life - and it is really the only place that he can call home all the while believing it to be true with all his heart, no matter the prejudices he often faces and the loneliness he occasionally falls into. He has always believed that though his ties with the people are strained and awkward, he still shares a very strong bond with the very foundation of the kingdom itself. However, in recent times, even this resolve has taken to quivering a bit, which is beginning to take its toll on Ignis, as that belief was what really pushed him to continue believing that things would get better, and somehow, he'd earn the respect that a "proper" Heir of Phyroth demanded and get rid of the misunderstandings regarding him and Cendi's death.
Ignis's passionate nature, like most Dragons, extends much farther than just the patriotic defensiveness of his race and realm. Although Ignis may not be anything as nearly articulate or silver-tongued as a wordsmith and has trouble converting his emotions into the commonword, the emotions itself are usually so raw and powerful, that they are not needed. Ignis possesses an "all or nothing" kind of attitude and view on the world, where, as he likes to put it, "You either don't try or give it your all - no half-assing." He tends to say this quite a bit to both himself and others, as a sort of motto to live life by. Some call it the arrogance of a common Dragon, but Ignis is very sure of both himself and his beliefs. He believes whole-heartedly in everything he says and does, and the enthusiasm and intensity his whole body radiates shows it quite blatantly. It is very hard to instill insecurity or uncertainty into him, for even the wordsmiths he can never be will find that Ignis is truly a passionate, stubborn Dragon whose fiery and often foolish, but admirable, ideals cannot be simply extinguished with a few smooth words. For Ignis, this is not a sign of arrogance, but confidence with dabble of faith. However, he will not force you to try and see his way or appreciate all that he appreciates and loves, but much like his unspoken treaty of peace regarding insults and fights and judgement among other species, does not take any form of openly shown disrespect or disdain towards his views lightly, and will fight fire with fire.
( Idealistic / Foolish / Reckless )
Despite all the rotten luck and misfortune Ignis has had thrown rather harshly in his way, the young Dragon remains ever the optimistic dreamer, another very skeptical and surprising trait he possesses. Faithful in the prospect of earning approval, of earning respect, of clearing his name, of restoring peace among the four races, and even of love, Ignis always remains bright, making sure to keep his eyes on the silver linings of his shortcomings, and dreams all of the stupidest, boldest, and world-changing dreams that nobody else dares to. Sometimes, the people of the Sky Kingdom mock him for his childish attitude towards the world, jeers hiding confusion, for it is almost as if the snake-eyed beast lives off his foolish ideals and utopic hopes for the future - and in some ways, this is true. As mentioned before, Ignis remains passionate in what he believes, and this does not exclude his optimism, which he can't help but be grateful for, because in all honesty, without such a bright fire burning in his chest, even he must admit how difficult it would to to wake up each morning, forced to face a Kingdom that hates him, watches him, every breath inhaled silently begging for the one moment he steps out of line, crumbles and cracks, so as to have a reason - any reason - to banish him, for they have all been convinced that he is but a murder, jealous and merciless to his own kin.
Most call his idealist ways stupid and foolish, but Ignis disagrees, though he does have some rather humiliatingly thick moments, where no
( Prideful / Noble / Forgiving )
Sparkling )

( Wildfire )
( Ashes, Ashes )

( Stamina )
( Brute Strength )
( Resourceful )
( Guilt )
( Self-Control )
( Manipulable )
( Wingless )
( Burning Up )
( Right Eye )
( Iggy )
( Scars )



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PostSubject: Re: S I G I L [Open for Sign-Ups]   Wed Jul 24, 2013 12:12 am

Melusine Tethys of the Aventurine Sea

18 -- Eighteen


[Note: Outside of reproduction, gender is not of importance in Aquatic Society]

//Calm & Controlled//
The Aquatic society is one that places the ability to remain cool of head and controlled above all other traits. Because of their ability to remain calm in even the most stressful of situations, they have put themselves on a pedestal above others, claiming that this coolness is due to a superiority of mind and species. In fact, it is the result of expectation and upbringing, for in the Aquatic society, children are raised to keep their emotions under control, both for their own protection and in order to maintain the distant and superior appearance of their people. Those who are temperamental or too free with their emotions are considered not expressive, not passionate, but foolish and unable to work well with the rest of the society. Anger is frowned upon, at least when it is obvious, as is any other emotion that threatens to overwhelm a person. Given these things, it is only natural that Melusine, an Aquatic through and through, should be the sort of stoic individual who never seems to show any true emotions. She is the product of a strict and monotonous breeding, as she appears to be in every aspect, after all, and thus is a shining example of how her people should be in respects to keeping themselves cool and collected at all times. While she may make her emotions known, her face is little more than a skintight mask that keeps her protected from others. Apathy is the armor of her people, a painted on protection that serves as a guard more in its illusion than in its existence, and she can play the part of the distant and apathetic perfectly well. She appears calm to the point of heartless in the best of situations, and no matter how hard one might try to rile up the girl, she is like diamond- unscathed. WIP

//Arrogant & Haughty//
//Intelligent & Sarcastic//
//Playful & Calculating //


//Smooth Talker & Singer//


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Hades' Loyal Assisstant

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PostSubject: Re: S I G I L [Open for Sign-Ups]   Wed Jul 24, 2013 12:26 am


N A M E:
Azael Esthiem

A G E: 
R A C E:

G E N D E R:

P E R S O N A L I T Y:

B I O G R A P H Y:
(I don't need your entire family history please)
S T R E N G T H S / W E A K N E S S E S:
(three or more each)
O T H E R:
(optional. unique traits, quirks...issues?)



"No matter where we are, our hearts will bring us together again."
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PostSubject: Re: S I G I L [Open for Sign-Ups]   Thu Aug 15, 2013 10:36 pm


That's right, slackers; Deadline time! I demand that your skeletons be done by August 24th. I will be starting this roleplay the next day. Failure to comply will result in your character being humiliated and eaten by gargoyles upon starting Sigil. That is all.

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PostSubject: Re: S I G I L [Open for Sign-Ups]   Thu Aug 29, 2013 3:30 pm

Question: How many of you still wanna do this thing?

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PostSubject: Re: S I G I L [Open for Sign-Ups]   

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S I G I L [Open for Sign-Ups]
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