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Sincerest Apologies and Bright Promises
Walls... s/u 1x1 I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 28, 2013 11:18 pm by SoraAngel

Dear Residents of this vast underworld,

How is everyone? May Hades smile down upon you all. He is most certainly not smiling down at me at this moment. But …

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Common Euridite
Common Euridite

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PostSubject: Walls... s/u 1x1   Walls... s/u 1x1 I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 15, 2013 12:58 am

Walls... s/u 1x1 Oie_1511
Walls... s/u 1x1 Page-divider
This the story of two walls. Of endless snaking corridors of colors, the absence of colors, and the clashing of shades. This is the story where there is no light at the end of the tunnel, but only love or hatred. There is not just one end. There are not two. There are endless endings in the place between two worlds. A world of color, a world without. This is a tale of love. A tale of heartbreak. A tale of redemption. But most of all this is a tale of walls. Can you really love someone who's entire world is based on happiness when all you have ever known is sorrow? Could you love someone so bitter that they hinder your own smiling lips? There are so many barricades, so many guards and prohibitions. What if two were given the chance to be free. To be free of their own color for just one day? To be able to become a clean slate and have nothing tied to them, so they could be free if only for a moment. What would they do. I suppose then, that this is their story.

In the world, neither close to this world, that or the other. There are two doors, connected by two walls. These rooms have always been separated. No these walls, doors, or rooms exist in the physical world. They are invisible, unspoken. But they are there, their presence heavy on the shoulders of those who live in this world. These walls exist for one reason. Balance. One door is a handsome swirl of color fairly easy on the eye with a knob so smooth and cool to touch that it is a wonder that this door is not used more often. The wall that it is embedded into is just a wondrous. Its pictures of all sorts of memories and odds and ends. Opposite to this door, there is another less fascinating door. Its color a dull shade of grey. This is not to say that grey is boring, it does not have to be so. But this door does something with the shade that makes it incredibly so that you not avert your eyes. But simply look over it, not feeling as though this door is very crucial to look upon. Insignificant grey we shall call it. Its wall matches in its very uniform color. Now between these two very different doors and their respective walls, there is a corridor. Now this corridor is nothing grand nor is it very wide or tall. It is simply a corridor. But this corridor is of extreme importance to the opposing walls and doors. This corridor is the perfect balance between the colors of one door, and the colorless of the other.

Now I know you must be wondering, what does any of this nonsense have to do with this story! And you will just have to hold on a bit longer, I don't want to miss a single crucial detail. Now these figurative doors are the point of views of the people of this world. This world has no name, it is unimportant. The people are what we care about, and not just any two people. But two in particular. A boy, who has grown up in a world bursting with color. A girl, who has only ever known sorrow since her first tear as a child. These two have been pulled together against the very odds of their walls holding them apart. Against their will I might add as well. But the corridor between these two walls have something extraordinary in mind. Now how does it turn out? I don't know, you shall just have to find out.

And not to make this story very complicated, Things in their world, aren't quite like they are here in our world. Yes it may seem strange, but things can be different. In their world, if you were born into the view of grey, that is all that you saw. Grey dresses no matter how rich the yellow. So being born into color is the best that one could hope to get. But being born into color takes away certain emotions that make us all human. So in a way, the color born are not? The color born only feel happiness, and joy. Never sorrow or joy. And neither color born or grey born can feel love or hatred. So what happens when these to emotions collide? Color or grey?

Walls... s/u 1x1 Page-divider

A Boy
He has always lived in a world filled with endless shades of color and with memories that all cling to him with the happiest of laughter. Never has a day gone by, without a brush of colors so vivid and so beautiful. But in this world of color he is alone with no one to share this point of view, but this loneliness does not hinder him from enjoying life in his own quiet and naïve way. Color born.

A Girl
[played by phoenyx]
Always sitting between shades of grey, her world has drowned in streaks of black white and grey. Sadness and bitterness choke her while she tries to strangle through one more day in life. This world so filled with the color of rain, so filled with a bitterness that is far from resolve, is not a lonely one. After all misery loves company. Her memories and demons claw onto her refusing to let her go. Gray born.

Now. Between two walls, one more pleasing to the eye than the other so dull it simply seems insignificant, something so romantic so extraordinary will happen. In a corridor none more grand than the next. This is the story when a world of color collides with a world of grey. Two worlds, not separated by constellations but rather by point of view. Will come together in such a way never quite seen before.

Which will prevail
In a corridor of grey vs. color

"And so the walls were gone for the time being..."
"I could somehow, even though I know that it wasn't possible."
"I could turn the knob."
"And then, I could see."
"Her world was grey."
"His world was bright."
"Yet somehow, that didn't matter anymore."
"Even when the world no longer made sense."
"I was finally at peace."
"I was finally at peace."
Walls... s/u 1x1 Page-divider

Walls... s/u 1x1 Page-divider

I realize that this may be confusing... so please feel free to PM me any questions or curiosities about the story or characters or anything.

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Common Euridite
Common Euridite

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PostSubject: Re: Walls... s/u 1x1   Walls... s/u 1x1 I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 15, 2013 12:58 am

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Guild Master
Guild Master

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PostSubject: Re: Walls... s/u 1x1   Walls... s/u 1x1 I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 15, 2013 1:25 am




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PostSubject: Re: Walls... s/u 1x1   Walls... s/u 1x1 I_icon_minitime

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