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Sincerest Apologies and Bright Promises
::|ĐėäđĻĄŋđƨ|:: I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 28, 2013 11:18 pm by SoraAngel

Dear Residents of this vast underworld,

How is everyone? May Hades smile down upon you all. He is most certainly not smiling down at me at this moment. But …

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Common Euridite

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PostSubject: ::|ĐėäđĻĄŋđƨ|::   ::|ĐėäđĻĄŋđƨ|:: I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 11, 2013 4:22 pm

Welcome to California
Welcome to ĐėäđĻĄŋđƨ

::|ĐėäđĻĄŋđƨ|:: T1362910


((A Walking Dead and Fallout Crossover))

::|ĐėäđĻĄŋđƨ|:: T1362965235733b855fdde4c232f36a864e454906ad3f

5 years.

Thats all it took for the world to be seeped into a pool of destruction so deep, that it would have to end in order to cleanse completely. Day after day has passed and that sort of deliverence has not yet been set upon. And the few that has survived have lost all hope for any sort of rescue. After all, those who promised a cure and a war won, are dead. And walking. California was hit the hardest by the infection that spread faster than its wildfires during the summer. The infection was found to not even be a diesease at all. The dead would simply just come back. There was no explanation for it, the few that were able to fend for themselves were left for dead. Groups rose and found a way of living after destruction. They found weapons, ammo, food, and shelter that could be protected. They found alliances. But the worst was yet to come.

An underground government launched a failsafe plan. Nuclear warheads aimed for every moving entity under the sky. Everything was to be wiped out. Even the few survivors. A single soilder escaped and found a small settlement where he then led them underground to abandoned vaults. After things became heated, he fled the vault renamed Exit 7 with a few others. Down in Exit 7, a new leader rose from nowhere and called himself the overseer. He led with an iron fist and just made things happen. A few of the older people died, this birthed a new death celebration. A quick beheading and the bringing back of funeral pyres. After a while the Overseer became delirious and shut off all exits of the vault. No one was allowed above ground.

The Exit Rebellion.

Soon a handful of those with a mind of their own started to hate the overseer who had gained the love of over fifty of the refugees. They rose against him. Overseer was assassinated and all hell broke loose beneath the ground. Food was fought over, water scarce, women had become feral abandoning their children. And this was only the beginning. After the death of the overseer, the group had to band together in order to break out. And that they did. They destroyed the seals and in leaked radiation from the nuclear war. As the rebellion gazed upon the land they once knew as home, they decided that it was better underground then anywhere else. The land they called home was in ruins. They sealed the exits once again, this time permanently and after killing a few more of the "wild" ones, they declared themselves the new rulers.

Over the years they worked on the technology they founded abandoned by the government. They created a water purification system, A food system; They had become a dystopian society. Finally they had the vault cleaned and running smoothly. Everything was calm.

200 years

After the deaths of the Founders, the children blosomed and thrived. They grew into men and women who then carried the flame and continued to build onto their home. Two centuries passed of peace. But the rumblings of something big started to spring. The shaking of the war ceased, and the dead was rising all over again underground. It all started with a simple and rare flu killing a young girl. They had laid to rest their neo-funeral at this time, believeing that the dead would stay dead. Fate would say otherwise.

The young girl rose almost two weeks after her death, the cremation having been put off. She infected a dozen others including to of the Founders council. That is where the story begins, Not with the founders, But the dead generation 200 years later. The Goal is to Get out of the vaults by themself or with others and out into the Deadlands.

Will they Succeed?

::|ĐėäđĻĄŋđƨ|:: T13629655951329dbaa4ced21011f1994276ddc2acfe9

*while choosing which character you would like to play as, be sure to note where they are in the story. Make sure to read each character position so you know what is going on everywhere. Thanks!*

They call the generation of 2217, the Dead Generation. Why is that? Because the dead can walk, the dead can eat, but the dead dont sleep. And all these kids want is to sleep one night without having to worry about their small intestines being their dead cousin Sally's meal. The Dead Generation also have a few unique things about them, because they were born in a world of radiation. Just because you live underground doesnt mean you escape the after effects of America's government screwups. They know how to survive in the world without electricty, and they know how to makeshift a weapon. But they like their guns too. So Enter the Dead Generation.


The Disgraced Sheriff//Male
Back in the vault, the young man was recognized as a sort of "sheriff". Though the Founders Council took care of all the justice, the people came to him for the more behind the scenes kind of stuff. Like theft, or kidnapings that the council had to thoroughly investigate. He was on his way to earning the highest amount of respect before everything went sour. The man was working on a case that could possibly bring down the Senior Founder when the case went cold all of a sudden just day before he was inprisoned for treason. When the dead started to walk, the prison cells were somehow opened and the prisoners were allowed to run rampant. He is currently in the prison block trying to find his stuff. Now he has a mind not fixed on justice, but a mind twisted around vengence.

The Lost Nurse//Female//Torilistic
The woman is a bit of a clutz, and very spaced out. But she was always respected on the job. She could mend a broken arm with the best of them. Being a nurse, a young one at that, she has seen her fair share of mutations. And she has studied a few of them as well, but having a weak stomach never helped. Through her days as a nurse, she became more and more emotionally attached to the girl who's flu seemed to worsen by the minute. The day before the patient would infect dozens others she told the nurse a secret that has haunted her since. The nurse was soon fired after her inability to heal the sick, and order given by the Senior Founder. On the day of the outbreak she was in the council room alone trying to scrape up a story on how to get her job back. She feels lost and completely hopeless without it.

The Broken Soilder//Male//Bearhug
The boy had always dreamed of finally becoming one of the Vault Guards, they were the closest things to a soilder. The day he became one, was the day that his last family member would perish by the hand of his most beloved hero. The soilder's father had always been a drunk after his wife died, the soilder constantly told him to stop his drinking. The day his father wouldn't listen was the day he would die trying. After the death of his father, he became a broken and next to useless melancholy soilder. How could he work alongside the man who had shot down his druken father. He felt then he had no use in life after that. But he would soon find his purpose again as the dead would rise two weeks after that. He was outside the council hall looking for his captain when he was attacked by a throng of the undead.

The Wallflower//Female//OurStars
Life has been oh so peachy for the daughter of the Senior Founder. Always wearing the nicest clothes, eating the most edible food, and countless water rations. After all she is the beauty of the Vault. The girl may be vain, but she is nothing like her harsh and cruel parents; The Senior and Vice founders. Her parents have told her countless times how beautiful she is, but never how smart or important she is. The pampered princess is only ever recognized by outword appearance, when she really wants to be seen by her leadership abilities. Not even in school was she ever taken seriously. The angel faced daughter of power was left for dead by a group of men, being called a "Overly pretty" burden, in the residential block where she had to stay hidden in an apartment that once belonged to the Soilder. *See the Wildcard position for further information*

The Abandoned Deadeye//Male//QueenofHearts
Known as the vault idiot and nutcase who died a long time ago, the young man has been left to live in the engine room at the very edges of the vault. Here he has had plenty of practice with the undead, only the Senior Founder knows that he still lives on. Being an orphan since birth he has raised himself with no help or assistance. The Senior Founder "killed" him and disposed of him at the very frayed edges of the Vault to take care of the lingering undead threat so close to the sealed exit. The Deadeye knows all of the Senior's dirty secrets, like how the world has been mostly cleared of radiation only having to deal with the undead. And also his affaris with outside women. The deadeye very talented with a gun, able to shoot anything wherever he wants and from whatever distance. He was at the exit cleaning his guns and reading a book when the outbreak began.

The Wild Card//Female//Taken//PhoenyxRose77
The girl was born in the outside world. Not in the stuffy vault where the smogged sun doesnt shine, and things dont grow. She was brought into the vault by the Senior Founder and His mistress. Her mother. Her father the Senior Founder wanted her down below where she would be safe and where he could get close to her mother without having to go out so many times. They have been kept a secret, living deep within another vault attached to the mother vault where they have been living comfortably. The Wild card knows everything about the outside world and nearly everything to know about the underground world. She despises the Senior Founder and is the only one to realize that she has a younger sister living better than she. The wild card doesnt care, she really just wants to show her sister what a monster their father is. After all they are full blooded siblings. The wild card was making a sneak trip near the exit when the outbreak occured.

The Lone Scientist//Male//Nightingale
Cold and calculating the Scientist has never been one for jokes nor fun. He especially doesnt like loud noises, the color yellow, children, the smell of bleach etc. Bascially he doesn't like a lot of things, he sticks to he research in silence. He is the hermit of the Vault, and likes it that way. He only has ever spoken more than three words and that was to The Nurse about the recent influenza infection. And that was only five. He takes care of his elderly grandmother with his strict and cruel mother. His father is the fun loving one and is the guard who trains all the apprentice guards. He was the first to shoot a man underground. The scientist still deals with the drunk man's son, and the glares he recieves. He was in the lab near the soilder's apartment when he was cornered by an undead.

The Noble Engineer//Female//Misachan
The Engineer is known to be the most cheerful and loud of all the vaulters. She loves life and loves her gears, she was a grease monkey since she was a kid growing up with two loving parents who owned the diner. She is well respected by the vaulters and the Founder's Council. Her favorite accessory is her monkey wrench. On the outside she is a perfect example of a happy go lucky person. But on the inside she is haunted by the death of her brother when she was first training as an engineer. She was in the control room fixing the switches when the outbreak occured. Seeing what was going on through the cameras she flipped a bunch of switches oopening prison cells, the cafetrium but locking the apartment complexes, the lab and a few other places.

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Common Euridite
Common Euridite

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PostSubject: Re: ::|ĐėäđĻĄŋđƨ|::   ::|ĐėäđĻĄŋđƨ|:: I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 11, 2013 5:41 pm



Name (First, Middle, Last)
Position (Include in banner please)
Age (Make realistic, 16-25)
Gender (Self Explanitory)
Occupation (Explain a little)

Personality (Detailed)
Bio (Past mostly)
Family (Deceased or Living)
Relationships (Can be NPC, Find some that will be main Charas)
Appearance (Combat boots or Bunny Slippers)

Inventory (Whats on their person right now)
Location (Where are they in the Vault)
Health State (Ill? Bitten? Wet Noodle?)
Mutation (No third Arms please.)
Others? (Likes, Dislikes, Tattoos, Third arm?)


-Please Complete Skelton in Two-Three days
-This RP is NOT meant to die, make drama
-You God-Mod, I kill you and find new chara
-Death is a natural occurence, Murder is not.
-Please stick to short decription
-No Constant "I need medical attention" charas
-Keep Romance interesting and not Warmhearted
-Code is Radioactive Zombies put in white after mutation
-Bios are good for pasts... Does not have to be completely filled in order to be accepted. Is Optional
-Please warn me of Hiatus

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Common Euridite
Common Euridite

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PostSubject: Nova Silvers   ::|ĐėäđĻĄŋđƨ|:: I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 11, 2013 6:11 pm

::|ĐėäđĻĄŋđƨ|:: Nova11

::|ĐėäđĻĄŋđƨ|:: Page-divider


Name: Nova Raine Silvers
Position: The Wild Card
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Occupation: --
Nova calls it Recon, but truly it is just snooping around and causing minor chaos in the order of things around the Vault. But during her "recon" she has found files on every human being that has ever been allowed through the exit. She keeps tabs on all the gossip, and keeps an eye on her baby sister fighting the conflicting feelings she feels everytime she looks at her. Nova has had extensive training with all types of guns. She is especially gifted with a sniper rifle she stole from the Head Vault Guard's armory. Nova has also helped keeping the undead at bay near her home and near the tunnels that Dee showed her years ago. They take shifts, at least thats how she sees it. Aside from the sneaking around, she has also made a habit of stealing from the more "well off" vaulters and gave to the one impoverished. Compared to these people living so close to the exit, she feels that she has it good.

::|ĐėäđĻĄŋđƨ|:: Page-divider


<< personality >>
| [ R e b e l l i o u s ] | | [ B o l d ] |
"Don't put me in a box you damn idiot."
Nova has a rebellious streak as colorful as the pink one she has in her hair. In fact the streak has always really been there, but pink is an embarrassing color to her so she keeps it tucked away in her hat that she always wears. Whenever she sense someone trying to throw their authority at or over her, she deflects it with her bold and feisty attitude. She just doesn't care what happens to her, because she knows that whatever comes her way she can fight right back without hinder. Nova hates expectations, and aims to never be claimed by any of the leashes people try to attach to her. The girl also has no mental filter, she just places everything out on display. For the most part. Nova is loud and outgoing for a reason, what you see is what you get in a way. And that is exactly what she wants you to think.

| [ C l e v e r ] | | [ B e g u i l i n g ] |
"That would only work if you could say that I am manipulating you, But would you really know if I was, would you care?"
Nova is as clever as they come, with a strange flirtatious edge. Her tongue is silver when it comes to negotiating or trying to win the tide over to her preference. She can talk her way out of any kind of trouble, lies always float at the tip of her tongue and linger in her mind. When you think you have her completely figured out, and you think you are manipulating her, she turns it right back around and you find that it has been part of her plan all along. She is witty as she is beautiful though, one could never tell it by the black leather jacket, face obscuring ball cap, ripped jeans, and chunky combat boots she always wears. But she does have a sort of ethereal beauty about her. This coming from her mother and not too hard on the eyes father. There was a moment in time when she wore leather armor that her mother had bought on the outside world. It was her 18th birthday present. She has long since outgrown the vulpine yet somewhat practical armor. Nova is also very controlling and manipulating, using witty and snide comments to pull the leash.

| [ H u m b l e ] | | [ E n i g m a t i c ] |
"Yes, I know where I have been. But that doesn't matter, I don't dwell in the past."
Nova is far from prideful and she will never admit to having done something right against all odds. That is unless she finds it necessary to do otherwise. The woman is quite humbled having been through so much, not enough in her eyes, and the man who helped her mother raise her on the outside taught her to be humble is the next step to living. Living is a goal that she has set for herself. Not just to survive, but really try her best to live. This passion and desire to live in a world that isn't made for humans anymore, has given her a mysterious aura to the very few people she has met. Even inside the vault when a few have seen her floating about in the crowd they all wonder who she is exactly. Her beauty captivates them while she dips her fingers in their pockets. The girl says she is a bit like robin hood, the fictional character from one of the books that Sonny read to her as a child. Stealing from the rich, to give to the poor.

| [ S o i l d e r ' s A t t i t u d e ] | | [ F o u l M o u t h e d ] |
"I know curse words that can make a Sailor blush, now count your blessings cause you have to deal with me now."
The girl was raised not by the life of a nurse, scientist, or engineer. But rather the traditional soldier. Though the respect is missed in her genes she still carries herself with self respect and a humbleness that humans have been lacking since the beginning of the infection that spread 200 years ago. She knows how to plan for any sort of event, and she knows what's important in extreme situations. Though she may not look it, but she has a heart of gold. Though tarnished by the greed that her mother has given her, she will always come through in the end. Her perseverance, endurance, and willpower shines through like a star in a night sky. She will always carry on strong and do what is best for not only herself, but the next important think to her. And like the marine Sonny's ancestors were, she has a mouth ill-suiting to a lady on her. The girl can cuss strings of oaths and make complete sense, baffling even the most literate cursers. Including this foul language, she is completely and utterly sarcastic with a humor so dry people back in Deadlands call her the Laughing Sahara.

<< bio >>
B r o k e n W i n g s
S k y o f C e m e n t
G r o u n d o f B l o o d

<< relationships & family >>
A s t r i d S i l v e r s/ / M o t h e r / / A l i v e
Astrid Silvers was a prostitute in the lost San Francisco renamed Gray Ditch when a strange well dressed gentlemen arrived and swept her off her feet. 5 months later she was whole with her first child and was left for dead in the Deadlands. Where nothing but radiation and Undead grew. She found herself seeking refuge in a shack where she tried to nurture her unborn child. Nova's mother is a survivor, after Astrid was found by a Deadlands traveler they went off to find a better place for her to have and raise her baby. They found a place not far from Grayditch called The Met. There she had her child and the rest was history.

Samuel Klyne, the Senior Founder, found his mistress not realizing she had a child. Astrid hid this fact simply because of her vindictiveness. Nova had been 3 years old when her little sister was born into the world. That is when she was taken from the only home she had ever known and put in a vault prison. Soon after the move, she found that her mother had been hooked on speed. Now with the withdrawals, she is dying. Astrid is sick and in deep delirium. All Nova wants now is to be rid of her. Nova has a deep disgust for the woman and wants to get far away from her. And so she stays out for as long as she possibly can before coming home to take care of her.

S a m u e l K l y n e/ / F a t h e r / / A l i v e
Her biological father, also known as the Senior Founder is the source of all Nova's bitterness. She despises the man and would love nothing more than to drown him in a pit of radioactive acids. Samuel Klyne first met her when she was four years old. At first he was her hero, he was quite handsome and held a twinkle in his attractive alarmingly clear eyes. He was the perfect father; Figure. She idolized the man, but saw his true colors once her beautiful baby sister was born just a few months after meeting him. Samuel had been everything she would hate. After he took her and her mother into his vault her hatred had been seeded.

Since then, Samuel has treated her like the dust beneath his self-righteous boots. Instead he treats her like a scapegoat and slave of sorts. Somehow though she hates all men, its men that control her every move. Nova is slowly formulating the plans to send him spiraling down an endless abyss of chaos. Who would have known that opportunity to come sooner than she would have expected.

B e l i n d a K l y n e/ / S i s t e r / / A l i v e

" D e e " C a l l i o p e/ / A l l y / / A l i v e
Nova met "Dee" unofficially when she was 16. Then had been on the Senior Founder's intern chair. The Golden boy. But he became a lost cause and "killed" to the public eye. Living on the outskirts of the Mother vault, he has been fending off the undead when she decided to snoop around in his medical supplies. This was back when she still had hope for her dying mother. He approached her covered in filthy bandages and gauze that she nearly shot him down. Staying her gun they traded a few heated words. Dee knew about her being the SF's daughter... and he hated her for it.

Months had passed when things finally calmed down between the two. There were a few mishaps but after she gave him her memorized Field Guide he finally began to trust her. Finally when they were both in their twenties, he told her about tunnels that led straight out of the vault. She was filled with happiness and they left the next day. This was when they truly became closer. But in Nova's eyes, they can never be truly friends. That is not the kind of game she plays.

G a b r i e l G a i t o n / / C o - w o r k e r ? / / A l i v e


::|ĐėäđĻĄŋđƨ|:: Page-divider

I n v e n t o r y
L o c a t i o n
H e a l t h S t a t e

M u t a t i o n ( s )
Due to having been born in the outside world, Nova has gained the ability or mutation to manipulate universal space. Or move things closer to her or farther away. This is the result of her seemingly lightning fast reflexes or predicting where one is going to move to. In reality she is only manipulating distance away from herself or closer to herself. The use of her ability is unpredictable to all but herself and doesn't have much of a strain on her. Nova has also developed the ability to manipulate matter with inviisble "hands". This ability has no rhyme or matter, she cannot use it on command and it happens at odd times. These hands are extremely strong and can cut through a human femur bone in a millisecond. But it is mostly a dormant mutation and it has a distance lock on it.

O t h e r s

::|ĐėäđĻĄŋđƨ|:: Page-divider

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PostSubject: Re: ::|ĐėäđĻĄŋđƨ|::   ::|ĐėäđĻĄŋđƨ|:: I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 11, 2013 6:22 pm


::|ĐėäđĻĄŋđƨ|:: Hys12214

"I say EVERYTHING with a grin. It's only polite!~"

Name: Devisee (Dee) S. Calliope
Position: The Abandoned Deadeye
Age: 23
Gender: Male
"Don't think you can call it an occupation rather than scavenging, but, eh, whatever float your boat Ducky."

Honestly he has no occupation, at all. His job is to keep himself alive, but initially he was the secretary for the Senior Founder, and of course thing went wrong. However, instead of killing him, the Senior Founder found that to leave him to fight an unending battle --which consisted of the undead, his own turmoil, and radiation-- was a fate worse than death, so there he was, the Town Fool who was thought to be dead, wandering near the engine room to kill or be killed. Not one of the Founder's worst moments, and hey, Dee wouldn't say that his situation was terrible, he was alive for one thing. Then again, the whole town was otherwise ignorant.

"So...Sup, this is me?"

{||Hidden Traits||}
||Surface Traits||

From youth till the end of his days, he will forever be vigilant.
For Dee, old age isn’t something that was promised to him, and it probably would never apply to him either. Between his mutation and his status as outcast, the male believes that the life he’s going to live will be the one where when he dies; he would still be young, powerful, hurt, and prostrated upon the floor with his guns in his hands, a smile on his lips and his guts spilling out of his stomach. No. You see, the life that he lives is one where the only way to stay alive was to be able to see behind walls, past boundless clouds of debris, through masks and everything in-between. It’s a lonely life, and one where the less people he’s affiliated with, the better. His trust is hard earned, and easily lost…his every thought is to find a reason NOT to trust someone, and sometimes, that’s the thing that gets him in the most trouble.

||Chipper\\"Me First"||
In a world where the only –living-- company you get is the daughter of the person you hate the most, it’s really easy to simply say, “Me First,” (because if you don’t then no one will say it for you). Selfish, bright, and seemingly ingenuous, he comes off as a very happy person; with a teasing line on the tip of his tongue, and a never fading grin on his lips (because if you don’t smile, then you’ll go insane). He’s the happiest person you’ll ever meet, and also the most attuned towards self preservation.

{||Bitter\\Vengeful\\ Detached ||}
Death leaves a lot of things broken. Hearts, memories, places, items, even actions; those things that used to bring so much joy now only reminds him of how everything was his fault. Pain is never a person’s best friend, and the best way to stay safe is to stay away… the only way he could die peacefully was if he could exact revenge… but things that are lost are impossible to retain. And things that are broken will never be new. Everything is a bitter memory, everyone is dead, and everything was his fault.

“Mad with grief is something that’s actually quite common… well, not really. You see, when people you love die, it’s really hard to move past a lot of the hate that just… CLOGS you up. You can’t sleep right, you have nightmares, food disagrees with you...but you just didn't want to die. It sounds contradicting, I know. You must think me insane, don’t you? Of course you do, everyone does, no one bothers to look at what I’m actually saying, but given that I usually spout nonsense, it’s a very good course of decision. But yo, you ask me why I don’t kill myself, so I’m trying to answer, give me a bit of time why don’t you? Jeez. Well if I’m honest with myself, it’s more that I want to be alive to rip the man’s (You know him, the Senior Founder, I know you want a piece of his meat too, but too bad, he’s mine) heart out of his stomach and drag his spinal cord through his mouth rather than wanting to live the most for my dead family. But then again, I might just be crazy, I mean, I just placed six plasma bullets through your… well, black and oozing heart, and here I am, just sitting here, talking to a half-dead Undead dude. I guess I could put you out of your misery, but man, it’s really lonely out here, and you guys are (aren’t) such great company, I mean; I’m the one doing all the talking. What does a guy need to do to get someone to entertain him here? I mean, I’m already so random that I’m telling YOU why I’m still alive, and I’m about to kill you too. How weird is that? Pretty? Very? Really? Yea, years out here makes you so damn random, if I stuck to the same schedule I’d’ve jumped off a cliff out of sheer boredom by how. Anyhow, bye bye Mr.Dead” /gun shot/

He wants to take everything he said back. He’s so fucking lonely… he wants his family back
(See Family)

"Let's not talk about this, hm? I think I'm the one with the gun, ammunition, and an unpredictable mental state...aren't I?"

||A Time Of Peace||

||A Time Of Revelation||

||A Time Of Solitude||

"Dead as soil upon your grave if you don't start running!"

||Mariil Calliope::Younger Sister|| DEAD
Mariiel was in the awkward stage of her life, all long linbs and knobby joints, but if she had the time to grow into her body, then she would have been a beauty, just like their mother. With maroon hair and silken white skin, she was better known to the people of the Vault as Riel, since her name was as odd as anything their parents could think of, but she was kind, gentle, wickedly sly, and was equally loved and hated her peers for both her kindness and malicious sense of humor. The young girl was a single died when she was 15 of natural causes. Dee was closer to his sister than with anyone else, and when she dies, a small part of him went with her. His laughter was never as bright, and all the things he loved and shared with her became dull, gray, and painful. He still has the ring she gave him when he got his internship with the Senior Founder.

||Jyannia Calliope::Mother|| DEAD
With the same flaming red as his sister, his mother was a ball of fire. Her temper renowned in their little circle, and it was from her that he learned righteousness and fairness. She was a judge who was murdered on his 18th birthday for, as the convict had spat in his face when he saw him in court (oh the irony) “wrongly imprisoning” him. His mother was the one who brought him up as best as she could with his father being absent nearly 9/10 of the time he was awake, and though she wasn’t much better at times, at least she tried.

||Maerk Colliope::Father||
An absent figure, who, if he was honest with himself, he hated with all his heart. He was the one who landed him his internship, and he was also the one who wrote his “death sentence”. In other words, his absentee father was the one to “kill him” and present him as “dead” to the rest of the world. Two years after he was exiled, he killed his father.

||Frezynn Calliope::Older Brother||DEAD
Zynn was like the father he never had, he was the one who taught him how to catch a ball, how to shoot a gun and how to be a proper gentleman. However, he was the first to die of all of them. When Dee was 15, he was shot down in front of their house… though he didn’t know why back then, he does now, and he dreams of his brother death more often than he would like to admit, but each time, he wakes with a renewed urge to kill the Senior Founder.

|| Nova Raine Silvers.::.The Wild Card||
||Gabriel Maurice Gaiton.::.The Lone Scientist||
||Belinda Adette Klyne.::.The Wallflower||
||Oliviana Azura Winston.::.The Lost Nurse||

PM Me?


"I want a monkey, but my parrot won't let me, so I plan on stealing a barkbeast and making it my butler. How was your day?"

||Bone Mask||


||Half a Survivor's Kit --partially stolen--||

||.45 Caliber||

||Two Wind Powered Ammunition Clips||

||A Discreet Silver Pendent and a Tarnished Gold Ring||

"Tremendously boring, don't let anyone tell you otherwise, uhg. But there's always staying alive to make things more interesting!"

Outskirts of the Vault

Health State
"Psh, I'm Fi~ne! Don't let them tell you otherwise!"

||Insane With Grief and Loneliness ||

||Mutated Genes --not unhealthy--||

Mutation (No third Arms please.) Radioactive Zombies
Others? (Likes, Dislikes, Tattoos, Third arm?)[/align]

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::|ĐėäđĻĄŋđƨ|:: T13630542528822a3c2187614562187d8d7ad1a834eb4

::|ĐėäđĻĄŋđƨ|:: Star3

N a m e :

India Marie Marvel

P o s i t i o n :

The Noble Engineer

A g e :


G e n d e r :


O c c u p a t i o n :

India is a mechanic in sorts. She repairs things that need to be fixed or does check ups. She's the reason why the Vault runs so smoothly. At least she likes to think so. There isn't a better engineer out there than her. She takes her job seriously but also has fun with it. She believes she was truly created for this purpose. Hey, at least she found out her purpose while others are still searching for their's. India has a natural skill when it comes to engineering. When she gets in the groove and she's in the mood she can anything. At least what she likes to think in her head.

::|ĐėäđĻĄŋđƨ|:: Star3

P e r s o n a l i t y :

[ | | S m a r t | | ]

India is good at figuring things out quickly. She pays attention in order not to mess up. It also helps that she has a bit of a photographic memory. She's also a hands on person. She likes doing things herself so she can have a better understanding of people. Most people underestimate her because she doesn't seem too bright. They also think that she can't focus. But she can. Just when you think she's not paying attention she will do something to prove she's been listening the whole time. No matter how much of a talker you are.

[ | | H a p p y - g o - l u c k y | | ]

India is so cheerful sometimes it's like she doesn't care. It like she doesn't care about the problems in life when she should. It's not that she doesn't care though. She cares but she hates feeling sad and depressed. Especially in front of public. It's one thing for her to put on an act to please the people but another to show herself. She's been "Cheerful, India" for too long. If she showed how she really felt it would scare people. And she doesn't want that. As soon as people start getting scared is the moment they stop trusting in people. And India doesn't want to lose people's trust.

[ | | F r i e n d l y | | ]

India has a certain something about her that draws people in. She has charisma so she can captivate and hold her audience. She is always nice to people treating them better than she would treat herself. Everything she does is for other people. Why? Because she learned that if she's selfish God isn't very kind. [wip ]

[ | | C o c k y | | ]

[ | | H a r d w o r k i n g / / S t u b b o r n / / D e t e r m i n e d | | ]

[ | | S e c r e t i v e | | ]

B i o :

[ | | L i g h t | | ]

[ | | F a l l | | ]

[ | | G h o s t | | ]

F a m i l y :

S a r a h M a r v e l = | | L i v i n g | |

E d w a r d M a r v e l = | | L i v i n g | |

K y l e M a r v e l = | | D e c e a s e d | |

M a r y G r a c e M a r v e l = | | L i v i n g | |

R e l a t i o n s h i p s :(Can be NPC, Find some that will be main Charas)

A p p e a r a n c e :

India loves to dye her hair different colors. She does so using some secret thing she came up with. She has a hazel eyes that look a little greenish in certain lights. This time she dyed her hair green. Her hair is shoulder length because she doesn't like having to deal with it. Besides she's an engineer. She isn't suppose to look pretty. She's suppose to look like an engineer. She loves wearing bright colors though. It makes her stand out. Even her work overalls are a bright shade of pink.

She never leaves the house without her goggles. they were given to her by someone special and she uses them all the time. Since she loves music she tends to wear headphones around her neck. She usually uses it to drown out other noises. She needs to be able to focus when she's working so she uses this to help her. She is a little on the short side. (( She also has a midget complex even though she isn't a midget )) She hates it when people tease her because of her height. She's about 5'1 5'2 so pretty short. And for her age she probably won't be growing anymore.

India is pretty muscle toned for being a girl and all. But it comes from all the work she does as an engineer. She's pretty flexible too. People would always tell her that if she took care of herself she would be beautiful. "You have curves in all the right places!" " Your complexion is beautiful! Such fair skin. Soft too!" "If you would just dress like a girl guys would be all over you" Those may be true but India doesn't really have a desire to change. She is comfortable the way she is. It isn't like she can't survive not having a "man". If he loves her he will love her for her and not her appearance.

::|ĐėäđĻĄŋđƨ|:: Star3

I n v e n t o r y :

- Wrench & other tools

- Goggles

- Headphones

L o c a t i o n :

In the control room

H e a l t h S t a t e :

Normal, Healthy

M u t a t i o n : (No third Arms please.)

O t h e r s :

L i k e s = o D i s l i k e s = x

[ | | Ta t t o o || ]

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PostSubject: Broken Soldier   ::|ĐėäđĻĄŋđƨ|:: I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 11, 2013 7:29 pm

::|ĐėäđĻĄŋđƨ|:: XKNA0w3

Julian Descortes

The Broken Soldier

Twenty One


Former Vault Guard


|[ Cynical | Critical | Irritable ]|
At first glance, Julian appears to feel quite negatively towards the human race. He sees them as [wip]

|[ Withdrawn | Aloof | Stoic ]|
|[ Protective | Courageous | Determined ]|



|[ Richard Descortes | Father ]|
|[ Cecelia Descortes | Mother ]|
|[ Anne Marie Descortes | Younger Sister ]|
|[ Benjamin Descortes | Older brother ]|

Message me so that we can figure this stuff out. c:

Standing at 6'1, [wip]


[ .50 cal Desert Eagle ]
[ Box of Matches ]
[ ]



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::|ĐėäđĻĄŋđƨ|:: Dioptriefull342572sig_zpsc07f1785

N a m e :

Gabriel Maurice Gaiton

P o s i t i o n :

The Lone Scientist

A g e :


G e n d e r :


O c c u p a t i o n :

The Miracle Worker-
Before the outbreak of diseases, Gabriel's job was merely to invent new things and medicines. He was left to himself in his little laboratory, happy and content with his solitude. Now, a demand has been put on him to make more vaccines, pills, and other cures to setback the outbreak of the dead. Recently, he's been asked to make bullets and occasionally a gun. He loathes the sudden surge of attention, yet his efforts to find a cure have been reinvigorated after he was bitten.

P e r s o n a l i t y :

-- Heartless and Jaded --

-- Opinionated and Obstinate --

-- Calculative and Observant--

-- Independent --

B i o :


F a m i l y :

-- Grandmother (Rosa Gaiton) Alive --

His 78 year old grandmother suffers from dementia, and the responsibility of taking care of her falls mostly on him and his mother. Rosa Gaiton was not a kind woman in her younger years, and both Gabriel and his mother Guadalupe take care of her only out of duty. They never exchange words; in fact, his abuela can't even remember who he is, and thinks he is his grandfather.

-- Mother (Guadalupe Gaiton) Alive --

They don't speak to each other. Gabriel made it clear on his 18th birthday that he no longer wanted anything to do with the woman. Soon after he moved out of controlling environment she called home and into a house of his own. The only things he speaks to her about (if he must) is the welfare of his grandmother, or vaccines to give to his nephew. Gabriel has a deep loathing for her and the way she's ruined their family over the years.

-- Father (Enrique Gaiton) Alive --

Gabriel's fun loving father has always tried to raise his son well, but his seemingly immature and spineless decisions made Gabriel lose respect for him. They still talk frequently, but their amiable conversations quickly form into harsh words (from Gabriel) and pleading (from Enrique) whenever Mrs. Gaiton is brought up. Enrique wants desperately for Gabriel to reconcile with his mother, but Gabriel will have none of it.

Sister-in-Law (Kathy Gaiton) Alive --

The woman is a loud-mouthed, red haired, Irish girl who is a bigger troll than Gabriel's brother is. The two got married in secret, then came home to amused relatives. The exception of course was Gabriel and his mother. He was not pleased to come home and find his room invaded by a rather irritating woman and his obnoxious brother. The last time the two have spoken was last year when Gabriel did a check-up of the household water system.

-- Brother (Antonio Gaiton) Alive --

The most irritating of the family, his 31 year old brother never ceases to stop being a nuisance. Ironically, the two are very close despite how many arguments and fights they're known to have. Now that Gabriel has moved out, the brunt of their mother's criticism has passed on to Antonio's shoulders, and they share a mutual knowledge of how cruel she can be. Antonio visits from time to time: meaning, every few months on "Check-Up" Day. He respects Gabriel's solitude.

-- Nephew (Jaime Gaiton) Alive --

Most. Annoying. Child. Ever. He puts his mother's own obnoxious qualities to shame. So what if he's six? It certainly doesn't give him the right to be such a brat. Gabriel blames his spoiled nature mostly on his indulging brother, but his complaints fall on death ears, especially when he's "asked" to babysit him. Jaime loves to play the Why game, and he constantly questions Gabriel's every move until he thinks he's going to explode.

R e l a t i o n s h i p s :

Belinda Adette Klyne [ The Wallflower ]

Gabriel has only the seen the girl twice. He saw her once when he was delivering vaccines for flu to the hospital. She was in there for her asthma, and while Gabriel didn't say a word to her (he was speaking to the ever unpleasant Head Doctor), he did have a chance to observe her. She was about his height with reddish hair that went down to her back; he instantly tagged her as silly and frivolous. He saw her another time while in the Laboratory. She had been spying on him and another scientist while they were working. Again, Gabriel pretended not to notice her, but his opinion of her darkened. He knows that she is the daughter of the Senior Founder, but chooses not to recognize her status. She seems silly and pretentious, and is likely spoiled.

Devisee S. Calliope [ The Abandoned Dead Eye ]

Devisee is Gabriel's only regular visitor. Since everyone thinks he's dead, Gabriel is often given the task of treating his wounds and playing doctor so that his secret won't get up. Gabriel doesn't particularly enjoy having a patient, but in the need he can't deny that he enjoys the man's company. Besides, they have a system worked out. Gabriel takes care of Devisee and makes him fighting gear, and Devisee brings him materials Gabriel otherwise wouldn't be able to obtain without being thrown in jail. He doesn't mind the man's mental state; he's quite confident that Devisee won't turn on him in a fit of insanity. Besides, he likes that about him. It makes him more real.

Nova Raine Silves [ The Wild Card ]

Gabriel found this girl nosing through his medical supplies one dark afternoon late last winter. He'd had no idea who she was until he forced it out of her at gunpoint. The information he received, albeit a bit much, was interesting. Apparently she was the illegitimate child of the Senior Founder, and she had a dying mother who needed medicine. It didn't take long for the wheels to turn in Gabriel's head, and before the girl even realized it, she was trapped into being another one of his "minions." He sends her along with Devisee to get him goods outside the Vault laws. He feels no remorse for what he's done; as long as he can do his job efficiently and properly.

A p p e a r a n c e :


At the average height of 6 ft, Gabriel is slightly taller than most men in his family while being a giant to all the women in his family. His body has already filled out in the way that adult men should look, meaning that his shoulders are broad and give him a strong appearance. He has a defined nose and solid eyebrows that give him a handsome appearance in a rugged way. Across his nose is a tiny, spattering of freckles. Other than that, he has a nice complexion free of blemishes thanks to his healthy way of eating. His skin is tanner than most Spaniards, but his light honey brown hair and emerald eyes give him away as one. His hair used to be long, but he cut it into a shaggy hairstyle when his older brother would constantly call him Jesus. It constantly falls into his eyes, so it's not rare to see his hair clipped back with his sister's pin. The girls in the Vault used to love it when pinned back his hair, but his always kind brother Antonio would somehow appear with one of his immature jokes. He only bears with it because of how unruly his hair is.

One of his most unusual physical features is his hands. Although they look worn and aged, the skin on them is baby soft. He's often taunted by his relatives for having "Granny Hands." Other than that, the only feature he has that truly irks him is his smile. His smile has always been described as a "lop-sided grin" or the "Satan's smile" (credits to his brother). Since two of his top teeth are slightly pointed, when he smiles, that is all anyone could ever notice. His mouth never forms a straight line when he smiles; it points up on one side of his face while the other simply bares his fangs. Thus, you now have the reason why Gabriel never smiles.


The only clothes he seems to wear are dress shirts with a vest over it, accompanied by a tie of dark colors. He occasionally wares suspenders instead of a vest, but that's only when it gets too hot in the lab. His fashion sense is classy, but not casual. The last time he was seen in jeans was when he was 16, which was eight years ago. He only wars black, grey, or dark brown dress pants with a silver belt that was given to him by his Abuelito, who died last Spring. He wears a gun strap on his shoulder that allows him to carry his gun at all times. On his hip is a leather pocket that he carries his research notebook in. His shoes are simple, usually dress shoes but are sometimes switched up with boots when he has dirty work to do in the lab.

I n v e n t o r y :

- a small, worn notebook

- a ballpoint pen

- a gold Desert Eagle semi-automatic pistol

- tweezers and a medicine pouch

- tissue and gloves

L o c a t i o n :

He's residing in the Vault Laboratory.

H e a l t h S t a t e :

Bitten. He sometimes has momentary memory loss, but he usually regains it within a few moments. Other than that, his mental and physical state are in peak condition. As more time goes by, his memory deteriorates. That is why he carries a memory journal or "log" on him at all times.

M u t a t i o n :

O t h e r s :


- chemistry
- owls
- solitude
- quiet
- old, 2000s jazz
- churros
- fried ice cream


- Bleach
- Snoring
- Children
- Crying
- Whiners
- Nasally voices
- Squeaky voices
- when people drag their feet when walking
- popping gum
- smacking your lips
- babies
- being interrupted
- loud noises
- screaming
- the color yellow
- being called Mexican ( he is a Spaniard)
- ignorance
- gun happy people
- idiotic questions
- obnoxious jokes
- nonstop talking
- sand paper
- dogs
- eating with your mouth open
- eating in a disgusting manner
- folk music
- rap music
- poetry
- sports
- religious fanatics
- stuttering
- mumbling
- being mistaken as anything but Spanish
- when people beg
- smoking

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::|ĐėäđĻĄŋđƨ|:: MegurineLuka600776527_zpse80ebf35
[ N a m e ]
Belinda Adette Klyne

[ P o s i t i o n ]
The Wallflower

[ A g e ]

[ G e n d e r ]

[ O c c u p a t i o n ]
None -- The daughter of the Founder and Vice Founder, practically royalty in the Vault, Belinda does not officially have any occupation or position. After all, the young woman has been pampered all her life, but no one really thinks her suited for any job of importance- she is all looks, after all, in their eyes. For this reason, the young woman has not received any training in a specific position, though she attended a full school life until last year. Most people went to some sort of training or something of the sort after school, but she was put to work in a different sort of position: handling any PR business that her parents may assign to her. Though they see her only for her looks, they think of those as reason enough for her to be talented at enhancing the image. She is sent out on charity work and such, her job simply to try and maintain a likable image for the family. Secretly, though, she sneaks off to watch the engineers and scientists, or to watch doctors and soldiers, wondering if she could somehow make her way into their ranks as well.

[ D e t a i l s ]

[ P e r s o n a l i t y ]
{Sweet // Open-minded}
Perhaps thanks, somewhat, to a fairly sheltered upbringing, Belinda is a reasonably agreeable young woman in most circumstances, commonly polite and well-mannered. She also demonstrates a quality of sweetness, though not to the extent at which one may consider it her dominating quality- unless they fail to see anything else, which is unfortunately the case with many of her peers. While she is not necessarily naive, Belinda will go out of her way to help others if possible, disliking the prospect of leaving someone to completely fend for themselves. She likes to give people the benefit of the doubt if possible, knowing firsthand that first impressions are often quite wrong. After all, she has been judged based entirely on her physical appearance ever since she was a young girl, and has despised this for as long as she can remember. Based on her own experience with judgment, she tries to maintain an open-mind, and to see the big picture when possible. This can't always be the case, though, and she may often find herself stuck on tiny details rather than understanding every bit of a thing in its entirety.

Her open-mindedness does not define the kindness that Belinda tends to exhibit, though it does mean that she tries to show the same politeness to everyone. This, of course, may be a direct result of her upbringing, for she is supposed to represent her parents, two rather influential people in the vault. She is the type to remember a person's birthday and leave a card, or notice that someone is having a bad day and quietly drop a little piece of chocolate and a tiny letter on their desk. People have held her somewhat at a distant for Belinda's entire life, intimidated by her status and having associated good looks with arrogance, painting an image of a snob in their mind, but she has tried her best to not do the same to others. No one is perfect, of course, and she does not strive for such a state of being. Still, the young woman does put in an effort to be understanding, if possible, and that's more than many other people can say. Even with her attempts to be kind and open-minded, the girl does still have her own vanity and quick-temper to try and deal with.

{Vain // Ambitious // Hardworking}
Despite the fact that she appears to resent people valuing her more for her appearance than for the contents of her mind and soul, Belinda remains somewhat vain about her appearance. Rather, she has been praised for it ever since she was young, going from cute to lovely to beautiful, if one believes what others say, and this has given her a slightly swelled ego as far as her looks go. Although she has more than once thought that it might have been better if she was born ugly, the young woman has great confidence in her physical appearance, and does have pride in maintaining a put-together appearance that is only proper for the daughter of the Founders. She has conflicted feelings each time someone compliments her on her appearance, both proud and irritated by such actions. Vanity, however, does not apply singularly to physical appearances. She is also quite vain about her speaking abilities, though people often dismiss her mind and mouth in favor of her face, and believes that she has the potential to be successful, if only other people recognize her talents. Though even her parents praise only her face, they have ensured their daughter the best education, and she makes full use of it to try and prove that she is not some air-headed girl who is only good for looking at, and useless in all other ways.

This vanity about her own skills is what gives her an ambitious streaks that many would rather ignore, finding it to be something which is never going to be realized. She has always worked hard in her studies in order to try and accomplish the most that she can, and honestly had far less of a social life throughout her school years than one might expect of her, though this was also partially due to her lack of deep connection with any of her peers. She focused her power on studying and on the pseudo-job assigned by her parents, which is representing them and setting a good image for the Klyne family. Belinda never lost that childish quality of proudly showing any good marks to her parents with a large smile on her face, quietly begging for approval or praise. Of course, she usually received a condescending smile and a semi-sarcastic pat on the head, for her parents could always boast better marks in their day, and thought her childish in her behavior. Still, Belinda kept pushing forwards, holding dreams of being something useful, of having a purpose outside of being the Founders' daughter. She wants to be a scientist, a doctor, an engineer, or even a soldier- someone that can be of use to others. After all, people are only accepted when they can be of use to others. This is something that was especially clear to her when left behind by the group of men as a 'pretty liability'. Belinda wants and dreams of nothing more than to prove herself to everyone, like a child who never felt needed before. She wants to contribute, no matter what the cost. Belinda searches desperately for her purpose, because without it she might as well be a broken person.

{Decisive // Self-Conscious}
Although she may come off as relatively confident in her skills and appearance, Belinda is still an actually rather self-conscious person, this interweaving with her need to prove herself as valuable to others. She is very aware of what people think and say about her, and often may be guilty of basing her actions around such attention, though not always necessarily in order to coincide with what people say. She care's more about belonging than she may be willing to say, which is part of the reason for her strong desire to find an actual purpose in life. With a use comes a place, like gears put together perfectly so that an automaton might work properly. She may not be a machinist or engineer, but Belinda often thinks of the world as being one large machine. In machines, there are no spare parts just rattling around, not if the machine is efficient anyway. That means that every person must have a purpose, and she seems to think that she can find hers by paying attention to what other people say and what needs they express. It is the selfish edge to her kindness, because she does it all for the sake of others, but truly because that way she might find herself. The young woman cares immensely about what others think because she cares immensely about belonging- more than she perhaps should. Maybe if she stopped caring so much, the young woman would actually find it easier to discover herself. Instead, she quietly listens to what others say about her with painful awareness, both a strength and a downfall.

Despite this, she is the sort who will follow through on her decisions in the end, even though they may be very much based on what she has heard from other people. The young woman does have the potential to be a good leader, after all, and it would be difficult to have such potential if one were unable to actually make a decision in the end. Belinda is decisive because she was taught to do what she was told, but came to resent the fact. The correlation may not at first be perfectly clear. She was desperate to not be seen as a ditz or a empty-headed girl, and so taught herself to make up her mind and deal with the consequences of her own decisions. This isn't to say that she is necessarily impulsive, though the girl is guilty of a quick temper, but that she knows that taking back what one says is easily avoided by being careful about one says in the first place. Respect is hard to gain and easy to lose- especially if one keeps changing their mind about something. She knows this to be true, and therefore tries her best to think things through. She isn't an idiot, after all, and does have a mind behind her face.

{Quick-Tempered // Strong-willed}[/i]

[B i o g r a p h y ]
{Pretty Baby}
{Lovely Girl]
{Little Beauty}

[ F a m i l y ]
{Samuel Klyne || Father}
{Angeline Klyne || Supposed Mother}
{Nova Silvers || Unknown Sister}
{Astrid Silvers || Biological Mother}

[ R e l a t i o n s h i p s ]
{PM me?}

{Devisee "Dee" Calliope - The Abandoned Deadeye}
Before the young man was sent out under the guise of death to protect the vault, he worked for Belinda's family, and the two got along rather well. He's been around ever since she was still around eleven or twelve, and so Belinda is very fond of Dee. The two have a brother-sister like relationship, and the young woman has always looked up to him, who used to be a golden boy of sorts before being sent out to the edges of the vault. They may have teased back and forth occasionally, but he was one of the few people who saw her as more than just a pretty face and a girl of high status. He recognized the talents and the brain behind the appearance, and for that she has admired him since her youth. As she grew older, Belinda developed something of a crush on Dee, though she'd sooner be bitten than admit it. When he was sent out, she was made to believe that he was dead, just like everyone else, and mourned it greatly. Belinda doesn't realize that he holds secrets about her family that even she is unaware of.

[ A p p e a r a n c e ]
Most people look at Belinda and only see her appearances, something which has been smothering the young woman ever since she was young enough to have ambitions outside of simply being pretty. The young woman is tall and willowy, with little to no curves to speak of, but a look of elegance rather than alluring voluptuousness that many people go for. She, unfortunately, lacks muscle for the most part, never having faced any real hard labor or anything of that variety. What little she does have, though, is tight enough to suit her needs, thanks to regular exercise and other such things. She often seems to slightly tower over other girls, standing at a looming 6' even, with a proportionate body when it comes to leg:torso ratio. Although she was very lanky as a child, liked pulled taffy, the young woman's size seems more comfortable now, if perhaps a bit thin. Though she dislikes that others only see her appearance, Belinda is still rather vain and does her best to keep in shape, the only exception to this being her addiction to anything with salt in it.

Falling halfway down her back is long, stick-straight red hair that always seems in place, if only due to a particular pride over it. Her hair is of medium thickness, but appears slightly thin due to the harsh straightness of it. She has bangs as well, but they are constantly growing to the infuriating length of covering half of her eyes, and are often being swept to the side or blown away. They fall over her blue, nearly aquamarine, eyes, which are large and darkly lashed, giving her a look which is slightly vulnerable, like a child. Her skin is pale, of course, thanks to the combination of having never been outside of the vault and to having red hair and blue eyes. Her mouth is rather small, something she has never liked, and her nose just the teeniest bit pointy towards the end. Although she is considered fairly lovely, the young woman is very self conscious about her ears, which stick out a little bit, and so her hair is always left down to cover up the evidence.

As far as clothing goes, Belinda has always dressed as she was told to, to be honest, meaning that her wardrobe consists primarily of fashionable dresses, blouses, and skirts, with only a few pairs of pants and no T-shirts to be spoken of. Honestly, she as a person is rather horrible with fashion, and would walk out the door in a truly hideous outfit if she weren't warned about it first. Many may consider this a strange fact, considering her vanity and generally put-together air. Her favorite color to wear is an emerald sort of green, and she typically wears ballet flats or, when alone or going out exploring, tennis shoes which are perpetually scribbled all over.

[ M i s c ]

[ I n v e n t o r y ]


{Small bag of assorted foodstuffs}

{Gun found in Broken Soldier's Apartment}

{A stuffed lion}

{Messenger bag of small paperback books}


[ L o c a t i o n ]
The Broken Soldier's Apartment

[ H e a l t h S t a t e ]
No Worse Than Normal
The young woman has rather severe asthma, and is prone to frequent attacks, often having been enrolled in hospitals for the condition. She rather despises it, and hides the condition as best she can because she hates to look weak in front of others. Other than the asthma, though, her health is average.

[ M u t a t i o n ]
radioactive zombies

[ O t h e r s ]
Although she has been somewhat sheltered all her life, books are one thing which the young woman is very rarely denied access to, and for that reason she has developed a deep love of all types. She reads anything ranging from short-stories of the modern times to ancient history books detailing the world from centuries ago, before people began to move underground. She is rarely seen without one on her, even if she isn't reading at the moment, and is a firm believer that there are always answers to be found in even the simplest of books.

{Little Lion}
Ever since she was a little girl, Belinda has been very attached to a small stuffed lion which was given to her at birth. Its name is Mr. Lion, if only because she wasn't particularly creative at the age of two or so, and it is a comfort item which she never really let go of. Honestly, she may have trouble sleeping without it, as childish as that may seem. She knows that she should have outgrown it by now, and the stuffed child's toy is yet another thing which she does her best to hide from others, not wanting people to look at her condescendingly even more than they already do. The toy is somewhat ragged at this point, and has a patch sown over it from where she accidentally ripped it at the age of twelve.

{Pinching Cheeks}
Most people have at least some sort of method they use to calm themselves or something of that variety, and Belinda Klyne is no exception to this rule. Whenever she is feeling overly scared or anxious, the young woman will pinch her cheeks, giving them a bright red flush and somehow managing to help clear her mind. She has been known to, when it doesn't work from the beginning, continue pinching her cheeks until there are small crescent fingernail marks in her cheeks. She does not do it when angry, strangely enough, but only for the aforementioned moments of fear and anxiety. Whether it actually helps or she just pretends it does is hard to tell, honestly, but it does make her cheeks hurt just a little bit for a few minutes afterwards.

Belinda has always been very sensitive about her ears, especially as one Mr. Devisee Calliope used to pull at them to irritate her when she was younger. Ever since that habit came up in him, she began to become very careful about her ears, and absolutely hates for anyone to touch them or anything of that sort. She also doesn't like people whispering in her ears, for that matter, but that is more because it is rather uncomfortable.

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::|ĐėäđĻĄŋđƨ|:: Livi_zpse7571754

« B A S I C S »

Oliviana Azura Winston

The Lost Nurse

17 (Seventeen)


- Youth Nurse -
Oliviana works as a Youth Nurse at St. Halon's Hospital of the Central Vault, taking care of ill and injured children under the age of twelve. She has earned quite a good reputation among coworkers, Vaulters, and official overseers alike as a "young, but knowledgeable lady in her field of work". Many people simply know her as "Miss Winston", her nurse name, and nothing more, and even the children seem to express surprise at finding out, if ever, her real name is Oliviana. On the other hand, Oliviana works extremely hard and truly gives her all. She has even taken up studying mutations without reducing the amount of workload (almost double an average nurse's, at her own will) she has. To her, it is the only thing she will ever be good for, and is determined to waste herself away if it means saving more young lives. Oliviana is very talented at healing, and has been offered a job as a Healer or Doctor rather than just a Nurse, but she has always turned them down because of two reasons: she has grown attached to the children she takes care of, and she is terrified of facing her mother.

« D E T A I L S »

- Awkward / Clumsy -
The first thing that is usually noticed about Nurse Winston, the infamous nurse with enough talent to be a healer, is her withdrawn nature. One would expect a confident, strong young lady to uphold the reputation of such a medically-skilled hand, and thus, their surprise is understandable when they come to realize that Oliviana Azura Winston is the stammering, blushing, and completely socially-awkward girl over there in the far corner, most likely praying ridiculously hard for her presence to pass unnoticed. She is a quiet soul, as she rarely speaks and and whenever she is expected to, will usually answer in such a way that will be the quickest and simplest. And even then, Oliviana proves hard to understand. She get nervous much too easily, especially around people, and in her panicked state, words will tumble out of her mouth in a jumbled mess of stammers and mumbles, not to mention in, usually, the wrong order, leaving most of her sentences sounding rather choppy and odd ("I meant not to...I didn't mean to, I mean...u-um...that wasn't what I was meaning to d-do!"). And even without her faulty communication skills, Oliviana is still easily a very awkward person to talk to. She blushes constantly, avoids eye contact, and simply cannot carry on a conversation. All in all, she's a very clumsy speaker that most people will try to avoid talking to at all costs (which is fine by her, honestly).

It also seems that Oliviana is not just clumsy with words, but actions as well. She will be forever tripping, knocking things down, dropping things left and right, and generally making a fool of herself. And although Oliviana's big feet can be to blame for the trail of disaster the young woman tends to leave behind her wherever she goes, it's also mostly just part of who she is and perhaps even the genes passed down onto her because her father, Zander was, if possible, even more of a klutz than Oliviana herself--he'd tripped during his wedding with Jennet, and he wasn't the one wearing the dress. Nevertheless, Oliviana is especially clumsy when she is around people, as she becomes extra jumpy and nervous, causing the awareness of her surroundings to dull considerably, and thus ending up with an ultimately higher chance of running into something, falling down something, or dropping something. Or all three--she had been collecting the toys from the hospital playground when she'd spotted a beautiful, if not outright stunning, young lady with red hair and blue eyes. Oliviana immediately recognized this young lady as Miss Klyne, the daughter of the Vault Founder himself. Thus, you could imagine Oliviana's terror when their eyes met for a brief two seconds. She ended up running into the swing set, stumbling on nothing at all (causing her to fall to the ground painfully), and dropping the armful of toys. Had she not burst into tears, the entire situation might have been comical.

- Steady / Resourceful -
- Naive / Guilty -
- Selfless / Strong-Willed -

- Prequel -

- Blue -

- Black -

- Red -

- Jennet Winston / Mother / Living -
- Zander Winston / Father / Deceased -
- Bonna Vivere / Aunt / Living -

- Devisee "Dee" S. Calliope / The Abandoned Deadeye -
- Belinda Adette Klyne / The Wallflower -
- Gabriel Maurice Gaiton / The Lone Scientist -
- Nova Raine Silvers / The Wild Card -

- Features -
Oliviana is no beauty. That doesn't necessarily mean she's ugly, but one can generally agree on the fact that there are prettier girls. She is much too pale (from both genes and stress), is usually seen with dark circles underneath her eyes, and leans more towards "skinny" rather than "fit", giving her a somewhat ill and anorexic appearance. And though Oliviana isn't too hard to overpower physically, she does have some muscles from dealing with the children. It is possible that Oliviana would be a very strong girl had she not been so stressed and tired, as well as cursed with a weak stomach. The young woman's body, standing at 5'8", is lanky and awkwardly-shaped with a flat, undeveloped chest, sharp elbows, knobby knees, and big feet (added with absolutely no sense of balance, which contributes greatly to her terrible sense of balance). Oliviana also possesses the common eye color of olive green and thick, choppy blond hair no amount of conditioner will ever make soft that falls to her upper back in slightly messy tangles.

However, much to her ignorance, she does have some pretty, even beautiful, features, such as her smile. She has dimples and whenever she beams, and they seem to takes years off of her tired shoulders, making her appear immensely healthier and younger (though she still is very young). She has long lashes as well, and though her skin is pale and death-looking, it's clean and smooth without a pimple in sight. Despite these small, natural beauties that Oliviana has, they are harshly outweighed by her "panda eyes", scraggly hair, and bony boyish figure. For the majority of her years, she has not minded these imperfections too much, as she has always been more worried about other things. Of course, she wishes she could change them, but she was never too obsessed about them, and does not make too much of an effort to try and conceal them, as she is far too busy worrying about other things.

- Wardrobe -
Oliviana is a very simple girl, and so are her clothes. She is almost always clad in her nurse uniform anyways, as she works Monday through Friday, and usually volunteers to take Saturday and Sunday shifts so as to be able to spend more time with the children. Her uniform mainly consists of white and red, the colors used to identify a person of medical knowledge and skills. Besides this, Oliviana's wardrobe selection is very limited, with most of them in mellow and neutral shades such as gray, beige, and cream. She owns a few plain but comfortable blouses, a couple of skirts, and no pants or t-shirts whatsoever. She does, however, have a curious but nice collection of summer dresses, most of them from her mother. Unfortunately, she does not have a body as beautiful as Jennet's, and whenever she wears the dresses, ends up with a rather humiliating gap at the chest.

« M I S C »

- First Aid Kit -
This should be quite obvious, seeing as her job is that of a nurse. Everywhere she goes, Oliviana carries at her side a first aid kit. However, unlike the ones the hospital gives out that all nurses carry around, which usually consists of basic medic materials, Oliviana has added some other equipment that are either of her own creation or are deemed too precious and rare for distribution among all medic workers. For one thing, Oliviana has worked up an impressive collection of medicines stored in small tubes, all color-coded, as well as nine tablets labeled "F", "W", and "S" (three per type) for emergency purposes. Aside from these special additions, Oliviana's first aid kit contains all other basic equipment a nurse is expected to possess. The kit itself is fairly thin and small, as it fits snuggly in her official Nurse satchel.

- Notebook -
- Stomach Pills -
- Injections -
- Brush -

Apartment Building A, Central Vault
Room 240, Bonna Vivere (biological aunt)

Health State
- Stomach Pains -


- Stuttering -
- Children -
- Motherly Nature -
- Lullabies -
- Running Hands Through Hair -

::|ĐėäđĻĄŋđƨ|:: Redumbrella-dango_zpsd5e3f8ef

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::|ĐėäđĻĄŋđƨ|:: HarrisonJPayne

Harrison J. Payne

The Disgraced Sheriff



- Cell Mate -
After being thrown into prison for treason Harrison lost his rank and was locked away in the prison block of the vault. He spend his days waiting, getting Intel from the guards who still respected the justice he had enforced before hand and fending off other inmates with a grudge against him. Luckily, because of his previous occupation; he never ended up on the bad end of a fight. The constant disputes were what he called an 'excuse' to strengthen his hand to hand combat; since he didn't exactly have access to all the other weapons his arsenal used to consist of. Though, his skills with the knifes and guns in his previous occupation haven't been forgotten; they may be a little rusty but he's sure they'll snap back after a few tries. His new goal isn't something he considers as a job, just the one thing he has to finish before leaving the vault; get revenge on the Senior Founder... In one way or another.

[ R e m n a n t s ] //\\ [ P r o t e c t i v e ]
- The last time most other occupants of the vaults saw him, his outward traits were that of a honest man; but now only minuscule pieces of that personality remains. It's hard for a person to be sent into jail for treason and not come out the same man and Harrison was no exception. Despite the way he twisted and morphed though, there are still patches of his old self permanently sewed onto him. It's a bad habit, but he can become emotionally attached to a temporary companion unconsciously. Deep down, he gets the want to protect the person, animal or thing because of his previous job. Harrison will never admit this though even if he's questioned about caring in the slightest because it just creates more distractions away from his goal. There's always the voice in the back of his head that drilled in a saying that he can never forget, "Having a heart for others isn't a weakness, it's called justice." -

[ B i t t e r ] //\\ [ M i n d - S e t ]

- There is one goal, ONE GOAL, he has after losing almost everything. He wants to feel the sweet right of revenge against the Senior Founder and that is all he cares about. In his brain there is one road he can take to move on with his life and without passing that bastard who disgraced his name, there was no way he could leave the vaults. Until then, nothing can be enjoyed, no celebrating, no straying from his target; he's determined to finish his objective. Without doing so will never get that hideously bitter taste in his mouth, because even if it ruins that man's live, he deserves it for every crime that he's committed; even the one's that he himself doesn't know of. -

[ M e r c i l e s s ] //\\ [ J u s t i c e ]


[ C o l l e c t e d ] //\\ [ I n s t i n c t i v e ] //\\ [ S a r c a s t i c ]


[ S y s t e m ]
[ S t a n d i n g T a l l ]
[ R e a l i t y ]
[ O b s e s s i o n ]

|| James J. Payne || Father || Deceased ||
|| Lory Payne || Mother || Deceased ||
|| Tiadora Pearson || Biological Mother || Unknown ||
|| Felix J. Payne || Older Brother (Half) || Alive ||
|| James J. Payne || Younger Brother || Alive

Pm me?


(Until he finishes gathering his things)
- Gasmask -
- Fire Axe -

(His Things)
- 44. Cal Magnum Revolver -
- 3 clips -
- (Other hidden Items) -

- The Prison Block, but not for long. -

Do you really think I'd let one of those things get me?

- He wears his gasmask whenever in public. All the people who knew what was underneath that and his bandages... Well they haven't been around for a long time. -

Radioactive Zombies
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Hey Phoenyx, when is this going to start?
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