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Sincerest Apologies and Bright Promises
Mon Oct 28, 2013 11:18 pm by SoraAngel

Dear Residents of this vast underworld,

How is everyone? May Hades smile down upon you all. He is most certainly not smiling down at me at this moment. But …

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 Romeo&Cinderella ♡ Sign Ups

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Arts Wizard
Arts Wizard

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PostSubject: Romeo&Cinderella ♡ Sign Ups   Mon Jan 28, 2013 9:59 pm

Storyline based on "Mirishima Romeo and Cinderella”
Layout based on WhiteSnow's "Cherry Blossom"

Genre(s): Romance | Drama | Slice of Life

10 Years Prior • Ages 6-8

5 Years Prior • Ages 11-13


Present Day • Ages 16-18


( This is the story of four people trying to reach the end of their red string of fate. )



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Arts Wizard
Arts Wizard

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PostSubject: Re: Romeo&Cinderella ♡ Sign Ups   Mon Jan 28, 2013 10:00 pm


▸ [M] Romeo | SoraAngel
Curious and friendly but slightly dense when it comes to love. He was involved in an accident the day Cinderella left for America and does not remember who she is. Other details such as whether he remembers Juliet and Prince Charming, if he ever recovers his memory, etc. will be left to the rper’s discretion.

▸ [F] Juliet | OurStars
Somewhat shy and sensitive. She feels very guilty for keeping the fact of Cinderella from Romeo, her childhood crush. She is a very warm-hearted girl who may wish the best for everyone, but can hurt people due to her naïve manner and clumsiness with words and lack of skill to express herself correctly.

▸ [M] Prince Charming | Nightingale
One of the few people who can see through Cinderella’s façade of innocence. He’s very blunt and does not care much for people’s feelings. A little hot tempered but plenty charming—and the school’s most popular student. The heir of a successful company and recently Cinderella’s fiancé.

▸ [F] Cinderella | Torilistic
An excellent manipulator. Highly intelligent and seems to care little to none about people in general. She likes to pretend to be a modest and timid girl to win favor, and has built tall walls around her heart. Has returned to Japan for her high school and is currently living with Prince Charming, her fiancé.


1. No godmodding, power playing, etc.
2. All forms of romance and violence may not exceed that of a PG-16 limit.
3. Be literate and use proper grammar and punctuation.
4. Write at least five sentences in your posts. Occasional exceptions can be made.
5. Delete all OOC posts after they have been answered.
6. Be active—especially since there's only four characters and all four are needed. Post at least twice a week.
7. Competition is much allowed.
8. Please include your banner in each post during the RP.


Name: [Preferably Japanese]
Age: [16-18]


Personality: [3+ traits]
Biography: [Doesn’t have to miles long—reveal and hide as much as you’d like. Please coordinate it towards the given information]


Strengths: [Maximum of three]
Weaknesses: [Minimum of three]


Others: [Likes, dislikes, mannerisms, etc. Optional.]
Appearance: [Typed up, optional.]



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Arts Wizard
Arts Wizard

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PostSubject: Re: Romeo&Cinderella ♡ Sign Ups   Mon Jan 28, 2013 10:09 pm

this roleplay signup is now
『ℴpen 』
post away!


-Deadline for Skelly Completion-
Monday | February 11 2013
[ 6 ] Days Left



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Arts Wizard
Arts Wizard

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PostSubject: Re: Romeo&Cinderella ♡ Sign Ups   Mon Jan 28, 2013 10:10 pm



川嶋 皆子 (Kawashima Tomoko)

16 (Sixteen)


-Possessive & Envious-
Having been raised as an only child and spoiled to the core, Tomoko has grown accustomed to getting whatever she wants, be it through her status or skills. Toys, food, people, anything. But now that she has stepped into society, where some things simply cannot belong to you, Tomoko has grown rather possessive of what she does have. She prefers to keep what she has away from people in general, such as her clothes and books. And her "people". Her "people" are basically her play toys that she has taken an interest in for whatever reasons that apply. And if one is smart, they would know to never get too close because it's for a fact that not only is Tomoko overly-possessive, but easily envious as well.

Intentional or not, it is fairly easy to spark envy in Tomoko. Already self-conscious about the things she lacks, if she manages to catch even a glimpse of you with something she cannot have but deeply wants, she will immediately grow bitter and hateful feelings towards you, and will use all sorts of cruel resorts to try and snatch what you have out of your hands, sometimes just for the sake of being able to smirk at you. Manipulation, deceit, and betrayal are only just the beginning, as her envious side is always her most dangerous.

-Deceitful & Manipulative-
If one is to ever question a classmate of Tomoko's as to what they thought of the the young lady, their response usually consists of "sweet", "innocent", and "considerate". And in truth, this is somewhat true, because that is simply how Tomoko chooses to portray herself as (and she does an excellent job of it, too). From the way she speaks to the way she creates a dainty aura around herself, she has managed to fool the entire school as to who she truly is. That's Tomoko's specialty, after all: lying and deceiving. One of her best weapons is her tongue, as she can come up with the most realistic of lies and force her expression and body language to back her up.

Tomoko, who has built up her "innocent" image so perfectly, can even occasionally forget who she truly is; a cunning, intelligent, and merciless manipulator that is deadly with words. Following along the line of Tomoko's crafty ways with words, her ability to persuade is also another prominent trait of her's. Already dead good at reading a person's mind, it can only be fate that she knows just how to apply them to her benefit. She can search inside of you, and once she hits gold, will strike your confidence down with superficial (but very convincing) lies and delusions. Her manipulation has always been her greatest advantage, and it's nearly impossible to win against her without taking it away.

-Vain & Overconfident-
Tall with a lush body, intelligent enough to study abroad in America, and excellent acting skills to morph who she is into something she wants to be, something deemed good in society--it is no wonder Tomoko has become somewhat proud and vain. At a very young age, it had dawned on her that she was beautiful and smart and could become kind if she wanted to, and such a realization did wonders to her self-esteem. As of now, she is awfully conceited and though she acts humble and modest like she should in order to receive the favor of her fellow classmates, she is constantly picking at others' flaws inside of her head, and it brings her immense satisfaction (and unwillingly, relief) to know that she is superior to most.

Unfortunately, Tomoko seems to have overdosed in her confidence, and it renders her much more open than she would like. Somewhere along the way, her ego has affected her prized skill of manipulation. See, when manipulating, it is always important to be able to read the person's mind and have the ability to calculate accurately how they will react, what they will do, and such. And due to her vanity, Tomoko grown a destructive and deadly habit of letting her ego and pride get the best of her to the point where she can make a fatal mistake: underestimation of her enemies. She is beginning to lose her own games because there will be times in which she will play too easy, convinced that her enemy will not be smart enough to figure it out either way. And sometimes, this is the case, but it will not be long when Tomoko falls short.

The Caged Canary Still Sings
( Age 0 - 4 )


She Wondered What Color She Was
( Age 4 - 6 )


She Wanted Half its Wings
( Age 6 - 11 )


She Left a Piece of Herself
( Age 11 - 13 )


She Loved and Hated it So
( Age 13 - Present )


Tomoko finds it exceedingly easy to not only dig up a person's psychological vulnerabilities, but also use such knowledge to determine which tactics of manipulation may prove effective and to her own benefit. She has long forgotten how to feel remorse or guilt, and this comes in quite handy.

One of Tomoko's many reasons as to why she is so successful and skilled at manipulation is her observant ways. Capable of picking up changes in patterns or differences in human emotion and action, Tomoko can easily take notice of the smallest of details, which proves to be very useful.

From forcing her cheeks to color to squeezing tears from her eyes to feigning pain from an injury, Tomoko is quite the actress. She has a very strong grip on her body control, and can force it to do whatever she wishes. Thus, her acting abilities along with her persuasive words prove to be a very deadly duo.

One of the things that can unhinge Tomoko is humiliation, as she holds her pride about all else, and once it's shattered, it becomes very hard for her to pick up the pieces. But then again, in order to break her, you need to catch her, and such a task can be much harder than expected.

Tomoko understands that there is a difference between jealousy and envy, and she suffers from both. Possessive of her things and angered when she sees others coming in close contact with them as well as hungering for what she doesn't have, she unwillingly can be lured into such traps, as long as they are well-made.

The hole in every manipulator's web. Though she is unaware of her growing problem as of late, Tomoko is gradually becoming more and more careless with her words and is making more and more mistakes, as she's sat ontop of her throne for too long, and has begun to grow lazy and underestimate her opponents.

Despite how Tomoko acts completely lovestruck with Romeo, she has never actually stopped to really question what her feelings are towards him. She claims that she is in love with him, desires him, and her actions back her up on such a statement, but in the back of her head, a part of the young woman isn't all that sure--she has pretended and impersonated the sweet "Tomo-chan who loves Renji-kun" for too long, and though all of her blushes and giggles are supposedly fake, she's blurred the lines between true love and an act that she's forgotten the purpose of.

Tomoko hates Akemi with a passion, and unlike Romeo, it is a feeling that she is completely certain of. Akemi is adorably awkward and sweet and kind and everything that her fake persona consists of, and it is amazing how much this infuriates Tomoko. The fact that people like her, who can't even see manipulation when it's in front of their face, exist drives Tomoko nearly insane, because no matter how much she bullies and hurts the girl, all she ever does is reprimand herself, and refuses to give Tomoko the satisfaction of being able to gloat and smirk at the shy dear.

-Prince Charming-
Tomoko and Tetsuya aren't close, but something about their abilities to read through each other's acts of charisma and timidness seems to bind them together. Tomoko finds him decent enough to talk to, and the fact that he already knows who she truly is brings about a great relief, as it does become rather tedious to always be pretending. They two speak to one another in a rather blunt and harsh manner, but neither are really affected by this. Tomoko doesn't particularly care about their engagement, as she has decided to first snatch Renji away from that dreaded Akemi.

-Bob Cut-
Although Tomoko's hair was kept long and elegant all throughout her childhood and during her time in America as well, she has cut it all off just below her ear into a bob cut, a few weeks prior the beginning of tenth grade. It is the stereotypical haircut of a mode student, and very old in style. Nevertheless, Tomoko favors the haircut because it supports her "innocent" and "kind" facade.

Tomoko's favorite fairytale princess was Cinderella as a child, but not for the reason one would expect. She has a theory in which Cinderella is clever and a liar who left her shoe on purpose when the clock struck twelve. For this, she admires the fictional princess very much, as she herself is somewhat of a liar and deceiver who does not wish to hurt on purpose, but will not hesitate to do so if it means an advantage.



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Common Euridite
Common Euridite

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PostSubject: Re: Romeo&Cinderella ♡ Sign Ups   Tue Jan 29, 2013 1:11 am

U s e r n a m e ?

S l o t ?

N a m e ?
Tsusagawa Akemi

A g e ?

G e n d e r ?


P e r s o n a l i t y ?
{ Sensitive / Guilty }
Akemi has always been the one who is able to feel what others feel, naturally empathetic, regardless of whether she can really relate to someone's plight. She can see the pain and sadness of others, and honestly doesn't know how to stop seeing it. She just does, and obviously is incapable of sitting by and letting the things to continue, because they seem to crush the sympathetic young woman just as much as they crush others- there have been occasions on which, upon hearing someone's sad story, she literally began to cry, shocking people around her. The young woman can't help feeling things strongly, and this is especially troublesome when people seem to slight or insult her. She takes most things to heart, honestly, and therefore is quite likely to dwell on the criticisms of others to the point where she begins to believe them. There have been times when several little things have rolled into one, leaving the young woman with an aching feeling in her stomach and unable to keep down her food- those are the times which she quietly calls 'The Bad Times', though she keeps them surprisingly well hidden from others, for fear of inconveniencing people.

After all, Akemi is the type who will blame herself for anything that goes wrong, regardless of her level of involvement, and tends to allow herself to carry far more guilt than is necessary. The guilt shows in little ways- the slight slouch of her shoulders, the hesitance in her gaze, etc, but it can be seen nonetheless. It is another thing she simply is apparently unable to help- blaming herself. It would seem as though she is a glutton for guilt, and has difficulty dealing with it in ways which would be considered healthy. She will go out of her way to be as kind and sweet to a person as possible if she blames herself for any sort of negative thing happening to them, and otherwise will seem slightly out-of-sorts when she is carrying the self-inflicted burden. She will feel bad and scold herself for thinking poorly of a person whom she would normally think admiral. A relevant example of this would be her envy towards Tomoko. Despite being jealous of the girl owning Renji's affections, she genuinely fell for the young woman's act, just as the majority of people did. Because she believed Tomoko to be kind, sweet and timid, she constantly chided herself for ever thinking poorly of the young woman. It is one of the things that makes her ashamed, the fact that she cannot stop herself from thinking badly on others- it only adds to her guilt.

{ Shy / Awkward }
Although she may be a sweetheart, or at least tries her best to be, Akemi isn't the most socially gifted young woman. In general, she is shy to the point of having difficulty maintaining eye contact for more than two seconds, and will blush furiously during that short period of time. She may like the company of people and secretly like attention as well, but the girl isn't capable of dealing with it very well. Long story short, she tends to be very awkward in interactions- her small talk is abysmal at best, and she has this tendency to trip over her words when nervous or in anyway emotional at the time. Lacking tact, most certainly, she also has a problem with saying things that she really shouldn't, things that were supposed to be a secret or, in more minor situations, simply make her look like a fool. It isn't necessarily that Akemi is stupid, but that she can't deal well with large groups of people, and isn't the best under pressure. The only thing she is good at, when it comes to conversations, is getting people to trust her. She has an unassuming air about her that appears to make people think that she is safe immediately- perhaps because she hardly looks threatening, all blushes and anxiety.

In the situations where Akemi has tried to improve her talent with people, she has ended up embarrassing herself quite thoroughly, and has thus, in an act which she herself labels as cowardice, done her best to avoid such circumstances ever since. She would far rather be a wallflower or something than try and mimic the more outgoing people and ending up tripping over her words and looking like more of an idiot than some people already assume that she is. Now, she's awkward enough as it is, but when nervous she is a trainwreck that people can't seem to take their eyes off of. Some find it adorable, others repulsive, but her behavior when nervous seems to take the cake for the best example of lacking social prowess that many people have seem. She will say exactly what she thinks, unable to control her filter in that state, and says some rather strange things. It is as though she contracts a serious case of verbal diarrhea, and everything just kind of spills out in a muttered rush, like some guilty child admitting to their transgressions. All of these things are best avoided by her keeping within her circle of friends, and only stepping out for brief periods of time. Or else she would surely be a figure constantly blushing and certain to trip over her feet at every turn- the very picture of embarrassing.

{ Naive / Sweet }
On top of being frightfully awkward to the point that it can be painful to watch, Akemi is a rather gullible person, within a reasonable extent of course. She has never once doubted that Tomoka is who she claims to be, regardless of whether anyone else tries to sway her otherwise. She likes to believe the best of people, naive in her steadfast philosophy that everyone has good in them, and that people should given as many chances as they need in order to change. This leaves her quite open to be manipulated, of course, but the young woman would rarely notice it happening, being too sweet and perhaps slightly oblivious to the corruptions of others, to busy noticing and scolding herself about her own demons. Of course, she has a limit, and isn't going to allow herself to be completely walked all over if she has something that she truly, genuinely wants, but otherwise she does tend to have a push-over personality type to her. In fact, her naivete does not only apply to manipulations, but also to things such as quiet but important social orders or unspoken rules. And of course, any sort of innuendo or anything of the sort is enough to leave her completely baffled until it is explained to her, at which point the girl will turn scarlet and stutter out some lackluster response. She may be fairly smart when it comes to academics, but the young woman has never had an abundance of street smarts, this is for certain.

This is partially because she is so sweet, as mentioned when her sensitivity was highlighted, and therefore has this strange optimism which leads her to believe the best of everyone. After all, what would reason would anyone possess to lie to her about who they genuinely are? So she continues to believe and willingly extend her help towards other (when her stifled grudges don't rear their ugly heads) who appear to be in any degree of need. Once one gets past the awkwardness and the fact that she seems to struggle with her own sense of guilt constantly, they may find someone who genuinely cares when they ask you how your day was, and doesn't mind going the extra mile in order to make a friend smile. She was a wallflower for much of her life, and hence seems to understand how to make people smile, simply from watching others do it.

{ Faithful / Grudges }
Whatever else she may be, Akemi is a young woman who will remain loyal to those she cares about throughout any situation, regardless of how severe it may be. Once she begins to feel a connection with a person, romantic or platonic, she loathes to see it break, and therefore will do her utmost in order to keep that person by her side, even if it requires that she do things uncharacteristic of her typical nature. She can be counted on to support a friend through thick and thin, and will rarely hesitate before serving as a shoulder to lean against. Although her personality is shy and awkward, she may even be prompted to speak in front of others if it were to defend a dear friend, though the words will probably be ineffective thanks to her nervousness and clear lack of ability to back anything up should things take a turn for the worse- she isn't exactly a fighter, after all. Instead she is a person who will serve as a silent support system, quietly keeping people going without actually having to stand in the spotlight, if it is at all possible to avoid such a thing. Still, she would do anything for a friend, regardless of whether it put her in harms way instead of them.

Unfortunately, Akemi also happens to be slightly faithful in her grudges, something one wouldn't assume from such a sweet and nonconfrontational soul. Still, it is the case, though she tries to keep those 'shameful' grudges and petty dislikes pushed off to the side, so that no one will realize that she, too, has her own demons. She can hardly stand knowing about them herself, and with each grudge or dislike she forms in her mind piles more guilt on her frail frame. And yet they will continue to stick unless something large influences the course in a different direction. Luckily, it does take quite a bit to earn a grudge from the young woman, for the most part at least. There are situations in which people may find themselves unintentionally on her bad side, though them finding this out easily is unlikely. One such situation would be hurting one of her loved ones or, on a far more selfish level, taking someone away from her whom she had cared very dearly for. The grudge she has continued to feel the second most guilt about is that she holds towards Tomoka, because it led her to not tell Rinji the truth, and to leave her trapped in her own lies of omission.

B i o g r a p h y ?
{ Little Rose }
Age 0-7

{ Wallflower }

{ Wilted }

{ Blooming Bud }


S t r e n g t h s ?
{ Empathy }
As mentioned in 'sensitive', Akemi appears to have a talent for knowing when others are in pain or are feeling downtrodden, and therefore can do her best to react appropriately. Though she may often wish that these things weren't clear to her, it may be considered a gift because it allows her to know when others need to be comforted or helped out. She may be socially awkward, but she can tell when others aren't in top form, even if they try to hide it. The wallflower notices, after all, and understands.

{ Memory }
Although it was previously mentioned that Akemi isn't exactly the most knowledgeable in the ways of the world and general rules of common sense, she does do quite well in her academics thank to a mind naturally skilled with retaining facts and information. Subjects such as biology and math are her best because they are often composed of memorization and application, not so much complete grasping of things. She can remember what she had for breakfast a month ago, and yet is incapable of maintaining eye contact or easily identifying someone who harbors ill-will towards her. Unfortunately, this memory is part of what makes up the bit of her personality she is so ashamed of- the tendency to hold grudges. When she has a reason to form one against a person, she will remember it, willingly or no, and that can make it somewhat hard to forgive a person.

{ Animals }
Honestly, Akemi is probably better liked by animals than by humans- well, more definitely than probably, because animals have less of a problem with her fumbling words and general awkwardness. The girl will stop and feed an animal that she sees regularly, or leave her umbrella over box of young creatures if it is raining. In return, animals seem to like her, and her nonthreatening air allows them to trust her fairly easily.

W e a k n e s s e s ?
{ Lack of Eloquence }
Akemi has always had some difficulty expressing herself, even as a young child, and that did not change as she grew to be an older and somewhat more mature person. Rather, some may say that it grew worse, though this is possibly because they never knew her in her younger years, when she was even more likely to avoid attention when possible. Some are gifted with the ability to enchant others with their words and have people hanging off of their every utterance. Others may be mediocre, but capable of amusing others with little stories and jokes, or maintain serious conversations of depth and substance. Akemi, unfortunately, is not one of either category. Instead, she tends to say things that lack tact, or to reiterate the stupidest of her thoughts, too nervous to maintain a decent filter. She simply has difficulty expressing herself, and this is seen in the way she fidgets and blushes anxiously when she has something to say, only to have the words lodged in her throat when she is finally given the chance.

{ Clumsiness }
Oh yes, the stereotype of the shy and awkward girl being clumsy creeps its way in and finds a home in the form of Akemi. Part of her awkwardness comes from the lack of balance or physical talent, after all. She can be trusted on to trip over a flat surface, or slip down the stairs dangerously. These risks are even higher when she is excited and rushing, for in those situations one can be certain that she will find something to fall over or to drop. She has broken plates, twisted ankles and cut her fingers because she simply cannot seem to maintain a decent center of gravity. Even when standing still, she seems to lean ever-so-slightly to one side, or stand with a hunched and relatively unattractive posture- both things that serve to make her seem constantly about to teeter over the edge and fall for the last time. It is safe to say that she should be kept away from very high places.

{ Guilt }
-See 'Sensitive/Guilt'-


R e l a t i o n s h i p s ?
{ Cinderella }
Akemi really wishes that she didn't have any sort of grudge against Tomoko, because she has completely fallen for the timid sweetheart act, just like everyone else. Believing that to be her true personality makes her feel guilty for being jealous about the way that Renji looks at Tomoko, but she feels guilty nonetheless. Still, Akemi does her utmost to be as kind as possible to Tomoko, especially after the young woman never told Renji about her leaving to America in the past. Perhaps if Renji wasn't there, Akemi would get along better with Tomoko. Then again, that refers only to the image of the young woman that Akemi has, not the deceitful truth. Were she to know the truth, the young woman would likely be just a bit more cautious with her trusting nature.

{ Prince Charming }
Akemi doesn't really talk to him very much, but to some extent they are bound by a mutual secret being kept from Renji- or rather, which had been kept for that period of time before Renji had lost his memory. Akemi isn't one to forget easily, though, and is still likely to flinch away slightly if he so much as reaches out to hand her something. She isn't exactly the bravest of souls, and has seen the side of him that everyone else would deny exists. Not that she would ever tell a soul about his actual side, because that isn't really her nature. Besides, his fangirls terrify and confuse her- she can't understand why someone would desire Tetsuya when Renji is around.

{ Romeo }
Akemi has had a crush on Renji ever since they were both children, and indeed has decided that he is the only guy for her- she only has eyes for the gentle young man, even though she knows that he chose Tomoko over her. Already a sap to begin with, she is quite hopeless when it comes to Renji, it should seem, and appears to believe that he can do no wrong. She isn't confrontational by nature, but wouldn't hesitate to defend him if necessary. Actually, and this is slightly pitiful, she could probably be compared to a puppy or something when it comes to Renji, because she seems to be fine just going along with him- an Eponine sort of character in that way. She doesn't seem particularly interested in other guys, to be honest- she's already had her heart broken by him unintentionally once, and doesn't seem guarded to stop that from happening again. The fact that she still feels guilty about withholding the truth about Tomoko's absence still haunts her, though.

O t h e r s ?
{ Strays }
Akemi has always had a soft spot for things which seem helpless, and stray animals can quite easily tug at the young woman's heart strings. She tends to bring home any injured animal that she finds, driving her mother insane because the elder woman is allergic to many of the different furs. Still, she does it anyway, trying to hide the creatures in her room or, for dogs and bigger animals, in the playhouse in her backyard. There is a chance that she will be able to recognize a stray on the street, if it isn't newly there, because those that she doesn't take home, the young woman feeds or plays with during her free time. Sherlock has his homeless network, but Akemi has a stray network.

{ Dr. Pepper }
Normally Akemi isn't a huge fan of sodas, or any other caffeinated beverages to be completely honest, but she seems to have formed an addiction to Dr. Pepper sometime over the course of her life. She has at least a bottle a day, and admits that she has a bit of a problem. The caffeine never seems to make her more energetic or anything, but she does get headaches (varying in severity) when she goes for too long without indulging in another bottle.

{ Red Flowers }
The young woman likes flowers of all types, but ones of the color red have always seemed the most striking to her, and so she likes them regardless of any thorns or the way their color is reminiscent of blood. If one were to ask what her favorite flower or plant is, she would probably simply say 'red ones', without being able to specify a specific type.

{ Vanilla }
Another thing which Akemi seems to love is the scent of vanilla- she has wondered into shops before simply to follow the scent, not really paying attention to where she was going at the time. Her room always smells of it, and she likes to make sweets flavored vanilla quite frequently. In fact, she herself occasionally smells like vanilla, because she has hand lotion that smells of it, and of course from any sort of cooking with it.

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Prince Charming

Koto Tetsuya





At school, he's charming. He always keeps a pleasant, kind on his face, and he's the person to help you out in your time of need. Tetsuya is the perfect, kindhearted young man on the outside. On the inside and at home, he's a completely different person. His thoughts are ruthless and cruel when it comes to other people. Tetsuya has been raised to have a realistic and overall negative view of people and their capabilities. He's developed a subtle way of being mean to people he dislikes beneath his charismatic smile, and when accused, is sure to give you a bullet-proof excuse. Besides, he's positive that any who crosses him won't last long against his fan girls. The only ones who have seen his true personality are Akemi, Tomoko, and Renji, and he's going to keep it that way.

"Just a bit angry"

Although he's rarely shown it, Koto Tetsuya really does have a bit of a temper. Angry feelings from his childhood have sitting in his heart for a long time now, so any major provocation stirs them up and makes him lash out. When losing his temper, he has a habit of saying more than he really should. Cruel secrets and insults spill out without a moment's hesitation. Tetsuya has never got into a fight before, but he sure has considered beating the crap out of Renji that one day at school in the schoolyard. You get a taste of how empty he really is.

"Short, and to the point"

- Time is money, but money means nothing to him. No, the reason Tetsuya is so dismissive is due to the fact that he can't stand people. He refuses to waste time drawing things out and merely ends a conflict with a few words. Arguments are pointless; just say what you need to say and get on with your life. His words are at times blunt and cutting, but it's usually the truth, so get over it. Tetsuya has no time for such trivialities and only wants to move on from conversation to another. His business-like upbringing has a lot to do with how he talks to people.


Once Upon A Time...


There was a Dysfunctional Family...



"Lights! Cameras! Action!"

Besides Tomoko, Tetsuya regards himself as the greatest actor ever born. Who else could deceive all of his school friends into thinking he was charming? Granted, he can be charismatic, but he can also get mean. Fast. Many a times he's ramped up his sexy-o-meter to get what he wants. He's never failed, and won't hesitate to twist one's feelings until he's done with you. He's not into crying like Tomoko, but he could definitely play the victim if need be.

"I Have No Heart"

This was a statement he once said to his father one morning after being told to care a bit about something. Every cruel action he does, or every malicious thought he has causes him no remorse; he feels nothing but emptiness. Because of this, there's no chance of someone's insults hurting him. Lately however, that's begun to change for the worse.

"Even if I'm wrong, I'm right"

Tetsuya enjoys debates, and has become a master at defending his claim. He will fight for an opinion to the last straw unless he is proven wrong. Then, and only then, will he give up. He's not afraid to fight dirty to get his way (which is probably why he hasn't joined the debate team; it would give him away).



When someone clearly makes an enemy of him, Tetsuya has a hard time keeping himself from starting rumors. He's like a gossiping chicken, only the rumors are homemade and he usually can't stop talking. Wanna dig up dirt on someone? Talk to him, because he's got the loosest mouth in the whole school.


Before Juliet, he had never been denied anything. Ever. It's easy enough for him to reject other people, but things get personal when someone rejects him. That's the only to penetrate his iron skin.

"It wasn't me!"

He can never take responsibility for mistakes. A stout perfectionist, Tetsuya would rather die before admitting he did something wrong. This has cost him one of his only true friends, but he can't stop lying when accused.



Despite all the negative altercations they've been in, Tetsuya honestly doesn't have a steady opinion of him. The boy annoys him, but he hasn't quite figured it out yet. He despises the fact that Juliet rejected him for Romeo, and ever since then has held contempt and a rather low opinion of him. At the same time though, he almost interest in him. This will take more investigation.


He's watched her since they were in elementary school, but she barely paid him the slightest romantic interest. Akemi was the only girl who had ever seemed uninterested in his good looks or charm, and that intrigued him. So he went after her. Unsurprisingly, she rejected him. Yet, the rejection hurt much more than he thought it would. He tells himself it was meaningless and he's over it, but lately he's been thinking more and more about it, and he's not satisfied with a no.


Perhaps they could call themselves friends, but truthfully, Tetsuya feels no affection for her. He admires her for her acting skills and ruthlessness in getting what she wants. That's about all they have in common. He finds himself growing more and more irritated about the fact she claims to love Romeo, except he doesn't know why. Tetsuya used to think he understood her. Now that she's come back and is moving in with him, he doesn't know what to think.



Since the day he turned sixteen, Tetsuya has been sober only once. He drinks alcohol in the morning before school, then he comes home and drinks. It's a handy coping mechanism of his that helps keeps up the Prince Charming act and ignore his problems. No one has ever noticed he was drunk only because of how much control he has over his drunken state.

Got Mints?

If you've ever smelt Tetsuya's breath, you'll notice it always smells like spearmint. He always some in his pockets wherever he goes. They're very handy, especially when you're trying to cover up the smell of alcohol on your breath. However, they just happen to be very tasty as well.

The Lizard Man

Tetsuya has an unusual interest in lizards. He keeps a pet chameleon at home because of how fascinated he is with it. Whenever it's in a different colored setting, it changes colors. It reminds Tetsuya of himself.

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Username: SoraAngel
Slot: Romeo
Name: Renji Kashino
Age: 16
Gender: Male

❖ --- ❖ --- ❖ --- ❖ --- ❖ --- ❖ --- ❖ --- ❖


{ Curious }
It's not hard to see Renji's love for discovering new things. His desire to delve and explore, cannot be easily explained. If he had been so for the sake of expanding his knowledge, one may have called him a sensible person. However, this is not why Renji is so curious. A reason he himself would give for his never-ending curiosity would hint at something to be found, something Renji is searching desperately for. What this something might be, even Renji doesn't know. And after the accident, this desire has become more prominent, as Renji searches for things to fill the gaps in his mind, and, strangely, his heart.

{ Sweet }
Renji has always possessed a knight-in-shining-armor complex, a need to be everyone's savior, a need to rescue damsels in distress. Naturally, this makes him a generally sweet person who cares about those close to him and is afraid of losing what he has. He tries to help out as much as he can, even if it seems unreasonable to carry so many of others' burdens. He pointlessly goes out of his way to help, and is thoughtful in expressing feelings of gratitude and kindliness. However, there is more to his sweet side that meets the eye. Undeniably, Renji always finds himself questioning his purpose, his reason to exist. Sometimes, he feels useless, someone who will be forgotten easily after death. In some ways, the sweet smiles he wears and his modesty are only masks of what lies within.

{ Pain }
Although it may not be a personality trait within itself, it has greatly affected Renji and the way he acts, even the person he has become. After the accident, Renji has been suffering sudden headaches chronically, especially at times when he tries too hard to regain his memories. The lack of knowledge of his past has left Renji even more confused, and he spends a lot of his time alone attempting to fill the gaps in his memory and trying to figure out who he is - as a person, as a boy, and as Renji Kashino. Whenever he's subject to those he cares about (Akemi, for example) he might become confused and uncertain, perhaps even irritated, at the mixed messages his mind is sending him. The different kinds of memories (mental memory, muscle memory) tell him conflicting things, and the sudden headaches that take over make things worse. Pain has made him less amiable, and he has become temperamental over the years. At times he finds himself snapping at people, and the pain makes him angry and harsh at times he wishes he wasn't. Later, he almost always regrets his words and actions, and finds himself wallowing in self-misery. It seems, to him, that he is falling further and further inside a black abyss, and there may be no way for him to escape.

{ Idealistic }
Although he is perceived to be, Renji is not oblivious and blind to some of the darker sides of reality. He is aware of that side - has experienced it personally, in fact (though not many people now this) - but still manages to believe that good things will always prevail in life. His goals are always short of what people would believe to be reasonable, and he finds himself chasing idealistic objectives that seem too far-fetched to be easily accomplished. Still, he sets high moral standards for himself and doesn't often forgive himself for mistakes. He tends to be lenient on others, however, and generally tries to see the good in people - perhaps even desperately, since he is now almost always doubting himself.

❖ --- ❖ --- ❖ --- ❖ --- ❖ --- ❖ --- ❖ --- ❖


❖ --- ❖ --- ❖ --- ❖ --- ❖ --- ❖ --- ❖ --- ❖


{ Smiling }
Renji smiles often, even if he doesn't feel like it, because he knows the effect it can have. His wide grins and even tiny smiles usually light up his whole face and anyone around him - it's hard to be mad at him when he's smiling. Even if they have strange timing, they usually manage to turn the mood in situations.

{ Loyalty }
Many could view his unwavering loyalty as a weakness as well as a strength, a curse as well as a gift. Although he was easily more loyal before the accident, his loyalty to those closest to him - Akemi and Mai, namely - is very strong, and cannot be shaken by much. This doesn't necessarily mean that he plans to stand beside them always (although he does plan to) it also means that he'll defend and fight for them whenever the chance arises. He barely ever doubts them and their words.


{ Fear of Change }
Renji greatly fears and detests change. He likes it when things remain contact and easy to comprehend - it's not surprising that Renji doesn't like the idea of things changing in the past and future because of the accident and all his mixed feelings about past and present. He just wants things to remain simple, and sometimes overreacts at any mention of change in his routinely life.

{ Impulses }
Most of the time, Renji acts purely on impulse - sometimes, impulses that aren't accompanies by thought, and are only spurred by muscle memory (things his mind no longer remembers but body still does). Because of this, he can sometimes find himself in awkward situations and troublesome problems. Still, sometimes his mixed emotions are a distraction, and he is known to hesitate for long times as well.

{ Cars }
The sound of traffic, horns blaring, etc. They send him into a panicked frenzy that he can never quite control, and he assumes - as the doctor's say - it's because of his traumatic experience with cars.

❖ --- ❖ --- ❖ --- ❖ --- ❖ --- ❖ --- ❖ --- ❖


{ Juliet/Akemi }
The one real link that extends back to his earliest memories, Akemi has become almost vital to his survival and comfort. He enjoys spending time with her, and evey now and then his own actions and feelings regarding her surprise him - making him wonder what he is missing from the previous three or four years that he is unable to recall. He feels strongest when he is with her and is closest to her, sharing many of his inner thoughts. Still, there is much he keeps from her, including the fact that his headaches are increasing and his feelings are becoming more and more jumbled.

{ Cinderella/Tomoko }
Romeo doesn't remember Tomoko at all. Apart from some faded memories of a girl standing afar and watching them, he doesn't know anything else. Still, his mind holds onto those few small memories and they haunt him continuously.

{ Prince Charming/Tetsuya }
Romeo doesn't remember him too well - he didn't know him that well to begin with - but those few things he does remember are far from pleasant. Most of the time, he steers clear of Tetsuya.

❖ --- ❖ --- ❖ --- ❖ --- ❖ --- ❖ --- ❖ --- ❖


Renji's sweet, romantic side draws him to flowers. Diane loved them, Mai smiles when he buys them for her - he's associated them with happiness and certainty. After the accident, it's one of the smells that comforts him greatly when he's worried, and he likes the peaceful aura they emit.

Soft Music
When he was a little boy, Mai was always able to soothe him with soft melodies from a small musical box. Although she no longer knows where it is, soft and gentle music still appeals to Renji, and he often hums made-up tunes when he's feeling stressed to calm himself down.

❖ --- ❖ --- ❖ --- ❖ --- ❖ --- ❖ --- ❖ --- ❖


{ Hair }
Renji is almost always doing something to his hair. Whether it's running a hand through it, scratching it, tugging at it, or brushing it out of his face, it's become one of the many obvious ways one can trace his emotions and train of thought.

{ Alright }
"Alright" is a word Renji often uses in dialogue. He could start or end a sentence with it, ask questions with it, so on and so forth. His extensive use of this word is very noticeable, but it's something he absolutely cannot stop.

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Romeo&Cinderella ♡ Sign Ups
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